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never forget… May 25, 2009

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celebrating memorial day today was a bit extra interesting and special considering some very unique changes that will be occurring in our family…soon.  it was a bit exciting and a bit reflective. 

as we have for the past couple of years – attended a service at the abraham lincoln national cemetary honoring and rememebering the servicemen and servicewomen who sacrificed in a way that i could not fathom.  THANK YOU TO ALL BRANCHES OF MILITARY SERVICE.  WE HONOR THE MEMORY OF THOSE LOST AND WE PRAY FOR THOSE WHO ARE SERVING NOW!!!  YES WE ARE PROUD TO BE AMERICANS AND PROUD OF THE FREEDOM WE HAVE IN THIS COUNTRY!!!


pecan waffles and a cup of grass… May 10, 2009

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first of all i’d like to say happy mother’s day day to YOU!!! hope your day is fantastic.


my and my little joy

i am excited to indulge in much time with my boy.  it’s going to be fun.  it’s not that hanging out with him today is any different than any other day, however, hallmark has deemed this day a holiday so now he is required to be nice to me today.  teehee.  he is just as excited as i am to indulge in some homemade pecan waffles for our special breakfast together.  yummmmmm.  i say homemade not because the batter is from scratch but because i’m using a fantastic batter that i found and i’m using the waffle maker.  that is homemade, right? teehee

the other day, i was very excited to receive my precious little homemade gift of a card which is always better than store bought, and grass grown by myles’ own hands.  sooooo cute.  BUT, how in the heck do i save grass in my stash of precious handmade memories???? i’m sure i’ll find a way.  you know you’re a parent when you find yourself trying to scrapbook grass grown from a kindergartner.  haha.  who does that anyway?  mothers of course!

anyhoo, i feel really fortunate today because i know the extreme blessing of knowing and loving and shaping and having this precious boy child in my care.  when i really think about it, i get to do the best and most important job in the world. yikes!  to realize that when you’re a mom you’re turning out little people who will become fantastic productive citizens of the world, one tends to be extremely purposeful about how motherhood is approached.  and of course that would be with care, love, support, nurturing, lots of attention and being self aware.  daily, i am trying to be careful to influence his life with healthy habits, morals, positive thinking and a healthy way of life (physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally).  it’s a constant process  and i find myself growing as my myles grows.  just as children have growing pains/pangs, mothers experience our own fair share.  but as i encourage myself to forge ahead i also give myself kudos today for being the best mom that i can be and it is well worth the gift of grass and the better than store bought homemade card.

i celebrate being a mommy to not just my precious boy a. myles, but also to my precious girl amber lynn.  what a gift just to simply know the two of these little ones.  my heart is full and today i am experiencing a wealth of emotions.  BUT,  today, the most prominent feeling, emotion, thought, in my heart, the word that comes to mind is GRATEFUL. 

i’m grateful to be a mommy and grateful to my mom and all the women who have been a mommy influence in my life…i’m grateful to you!

ewww, dirty… May 1, 2009

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this is just me rambling about what i like to indulge in…a good scrub down.  i confess that i am a germaphobe to the core.  now that i’m raising a boy i have had to loosen up on my excessive need to wash wash wash my hands and his hands everytime we touch stuff in public places.

not anymore!!!!  once again, germaphobes will get the chance to indulge in what makes them most comfortable.  sanitizing gel, soap and water, hand wipes, clorox wipes and the like will be in full effect.  say it with me, “sanitizer in da house!”

in case you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard – there is a swine flu going around.  though it is said to not be as wide-spread as in certain parts of mexico right now, but it’s out there nonetheless.  it sord of reminds me of mrsa the superbug.  this strain of infectious whatever is unique and relentless.  it has such an affect on people that they are now deciding to wash their hands properly (hopefully).  and in case you didn’t know that there is a proper way to wash your hands…there is.  use soap, water, and scrub for at least 15-20 seconds, duh:).  by the way, have you ever noticed that health care workers usually do a quick in and quick out when they wash their hands?  this has always skived me out a bit but maybe it’ll change a little, hopefully. especially because they touch all over you and in some cases all in you.  ewwwww.  

i don’t even think that i’m bothered much that there is this swine flu.  i think that i’m more into  the fact that it’s probably going to push people to be a bit more aware and more vigilant with their hygiene.  ya know?

i must admit, that i would much rather give a hug than give a handshake.  sometimes after shaking someone’s hand i immediately want to go and wash my hands or pull out my miniature bottle of sanitizer.  this in no way has anything to do with the person whose hand i may have touched.  in general, i’ve always been grossed out by shaking hands and touching stuff that I think is gross.  this is a bit over the top i know…but i just can’t help it.

i do think that i’ve done a pretty good job (depending on who you ask) with keeping the urge to want to spray myles down when he comes home from school or from a play date, or from the park, or from the store, or from the backyard, or from church, or from a restaurant and so on and so forth.  don’t look at me like that!  i know that i’m not the only one.  i’ve seen some of you other mommas out there pulling out your sanitizer as you attempt to halt any spread of dirty germs contracted from all the sweet face little carriers.  after the sanitization, i know you probably even smile a little figuring that you may have just avoided…dun, dun, dun – the germies!

swine flu or not….just wash or sanitize your hands on a regular! that’s all i’m saying.  no one wants your cooties.  you know