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summertime is up…reality is back in full swing August 31, 2009

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i’m baaaaaack!!!  yay for a really fun summer.  now if i can just get at least one more very warm day at the beach then and only then will i be okay to wait ’til summer comes back around…in 2010! 

speaking of summer fun and back to school…

 back to school

i am now the proud mommy of a full-time first grade student!  i made it through the first day of school with no tears and holding my breath.  my myles was pretty brave for his first full day, not as excited as i thought he’d be and by the end of the school day he simply informed me that he was not going to be returning to school the next day.  and for the three days that followed he informed me that going back to school was not an option.  so i’d say that he handled his first week well *wink*.  i would be more than thrilled to guide his education and have him hang out with me all day, however, it’s time for my little bird to spread his wings a bit. sniff sniff.  i must admit, i was so wrapped up in summertime stuff that first grade came upon me and shocked me back into reality.

i’ve had many people say to me “so what are you going to do with all of your free time without myles?” wait, huh, free time?  come again.  who is handing out free time and not telling me?  correct me if i wrong, but, most moms who are at home generally don’t have a ton of free time to speak of.  and if there is an at home mom that does have six plus hours of free time on her hands because her kids are in school…please, by all means, give me a holla!:)  let this girlie know your secret.

so, as i sit around *ahem* in all of my glorious free time, a pile of shtuff that calls for my immediate attention stares me in the face , a list of calls NEED to be made and a few errands need to be run.  or i can cheat and choose option B and reward myself with a bit of  a 30 minute cat nap.  all moms for the latter raise you hand…me! i hope all of you moms squeezed every bit of summer out of june, july and august that you could because summer lovn’ is over now.    one last thing about this summer – with budget constraints and the layoffs that we have experienced, i vote myself for the supermom who turned the summer of ’09 into a summer to be reckoned with!!!  talk about a mom who made and can make plenty-o-fun things happen on the cheap, yep, that’s me.  can you tell how proud i am?  teehee:)   oh cut it out, no need to applause:)  teehee

speaking of life in all it’s ummmm… glory

when i say that this has been one of the most fun, power packed, emotionally exhausting, eye opening, God challenged summers of all times…i’m hardly scratching the surface in my expression of how things were/are.  for three years and nine months i had been dreading a moment that i thought i could prevent from ever coming.  BAM! it came, it hit me like a ton of bricks.  the weight was so heavy i felt as if i could not breath and yet somehow i could and did breath.  lots of personal gains and lots of personal losses.  lots of moments that i will cherish forever.  and lots of moments that i choose to cast into a lake of fire forgive.  there were lots of “can you hear me God Almighty up there, out there, anywhere”.  there were even some smite me almighty smiter moments.  i actually dared Him, you know, the ALMIGHTY, ALL KNOWING, LORD OF ALL, KING OF KINGS, SOVEREIGN GOD to get busy because what was going on was not working…or so i thought.  as i know by now, what happens in our little feeble minds is no match for he who reigns and redeems. ya know!

lessons we should all learn:  not many chose to see the life of another person through the other person’s eyes.  most people chose to see the life of another person through whatever way they think things are or should be.  i once heard a quote or something that said – never believe everything you hear and only half of what you see.  SO TRUE!!! SO TRUE!!!  so the next time you or I look at someone’s supposedly happy and charmed existence, you must know that there is a story behind every closed door; behind every smile; behind every crabby mood; behind every zoned out mom or dad;and behind every family.  so be very careful what you judge, cast stones at, shake your head or wag your finger at.  another very important thing to remember…”God can take care of what others do to us far better than we can” –  says cicely tyson’s character from the movie “diary of a mad black woman”.  and for those that need the matching scripture…vengence is mine says the Lord.  plus, HE can do it with quite a bit more grace than any of us. 

most folks would love to live a life that is as perfect as perfect can get, however, how many people would eagerly and anxiously want to live a life that has been redeemed?   warning:  when God redeems your life you’re usually tried, tested and  brought  dragged through the fire.  sounds like fun, huh?  somehow at the end of your experience(s) it is well worth it.  or so i’m told:0)

so here i go, praying myself through my days, putting one foot in front of the other and choosing to know above anything else that providence IS on my side.

until next time, c ya