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happy new year!!! December 30, 2009

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okay, so in a couple of days it will actually be the new year, but i will be busy so i’m wishing you a year filled with great and fantastic days.  

oftentimes, after… how do i say this, an “interesting” year, people tend to say that they cannot wait until the current year is over so that so that they can get a fresh start and such. 

well, i have experienced a very “interesting” year, and I must say that i, for one, am very glad that this year was filled with “interesting”.  i have found that no matter what comes your way, there is strength from God that can be called upon to carry you. 

i’m looking forward to many more days of conquering challenges.  however, my expectations and focus will be on that which brings about life giving energy.  i really must say that i would have had very different thoughts about this past year, but, being true to myself  and changes made have caused peace and freedom to ring loudly. 

aaaahhhhhh!!! that’s the sound of me living life without worrying about what others think of me, not trying to please others, not taking on the blame for things that i know i’m not responsible for and taking full responsibility for ONLY that which i am responsible. sound simple?  but if you’ve ever lived your life taking on the shtuff people say and the taking on things that aren’t yours that others have done…geesh, i’m sure you’re more than aware that that’s more baggage than the any one person should ever carry.  i will be doing my absolute best to live a life that God deems and redeems.  and that’s the sound of freeeeeeedom!!! 

so, here’s the deal

1) live life in truth

2) no matter how loud you shout or how mad you get, when you display your emotions and show how angry you are…you lose.  that sucks but it is true.  even if you are telling the truth, saying it loud and louder and getting indignant is not going to get your point across any better.  this took some practice for me. teehee.  apparently, showing your fired up emotions makes people think that you are guilty, crazy:) or that you have something to hide.  showing your emotions doesn’t mean that you are guilty, are crazy, or have anyting to hide, it just means that you need to calm yourself down so you can handle situations with a level head.  bah hahahahahaha (that’s the sound of me laughing at myself with a level head when i feel super fired up about a something…i really can do it! really:)!

3) live your life like it’s golden!!! do i really need to explain this one.  how about i give you this little tune and you take it from there. 

(now that you’re in a jill scott kind of mood…check out her music cuz she is the shtuff that singers are made of!!!)

4) be sure to live your life to the fullest.  be creative and make the most of any and all opportunities that you’re blessed with. 

5) learn from your mistakes and don’t beat yourself up about things that you cannot control.  when you learn from your mistakes, do different. do better!

6) don’t allow the opinions of others to take the wind out of your sails.  be bold!!!

anyhoo, i’ve gotta go.  i’ve got stuff to do. so carry on and make it a great year!!!