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almost halfway… January 5, 2010

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myles talking to the baby

growing much faster than i expected i would but chekc out that expanding belly! 

19 weeks of developing baby in the womb. 

i’ve gained about 7 pounds!  this will be the only time i will ever be happy about announcing weight gain to anyone. 

myles is so excited about the baby that everytime i’m in conversation with anyone, i do mean anyone (stranger, friend or family) he chimes in and announces, “my mom’s pregnant!”  the expression on their face when he says that is hilarious and priceless.  usually they are not sure what to say so they then look down at my belly (for confirmation…i guess).  what’s really funny is that i assume that it is very obvious unless i just simply look extremely bloated.  apparently it’s not as obvious as i think!

anyhoo, he (myles) is so excited and he keeps calling the baby by name which i’m not quite sure how that will play out.  we’re not positive what the gender is and i don’t know what to tell him if we don’t have a boy.  i say boy because he keeps calling the baby jack.  it’s quite cute and funny, that is until we have to break the news to him that that may not be the name or if we have to tell him “it’s a girl”.  small deliema, but in the meantime, he’s having fun. 

over the summer, i gave away some really cute clothes, shoes and baby items.  just as luck would have it…i found out i was pregnant after i was done cleaning out closets of clothes and even some cute baby toys.  uggh.  now i get to go i have to go shopping.  awww, shucky darn.  teehee!!!

i’m not so sure that nesting starts this early into pregnanacy but i’ve been trying to work my way through every closest, every storage area, every creak and crevice of the house in terms of getting rid of what’s not needed or wanted.  21 more weeks of this and i am likely to have the most orgnized house in all of america, the midwest the neighborhood.. 

one last thing, am i still suppose to have an after taste in my mouth everytime i eat?  yuck. the menu of items that i can eat has dwindled down to a very short list.  would it be bad if i only eat vainlla ice cream for the rest of my pregnancy?  sigh. smile.

by the way,  i didn’t have time to edit, so pardon the errors.



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