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ouch! what the… January 6, 2010

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does anyone know what round ligament pain is?  basically it is a whole plate of ouch, what the heck?  with a side dish of what the !@##$%% was that! 

generally speaking, when pregnant, i sail through the months with very few ills, squeels and pains.  i took for granted that pain doesn’t only come when your water breaks, contractions begin and people are yelling at you to push.  NOT THIS TIME AROUND.

a few weeks ago, i was the fine receipient of some “shoot me now” round ligament pains.  after a few days week of this i thought that was an isolated incident.  ummmmm, nope!  yesterday, last night, the middle of the night and now, the beast of the round ligament pain is back…with a vengance.  i think i slept like 2.5 hours last night.  2.5 hours!!! that meager amount of sleep will do nothing for my beatuy rest.  ya know?!!

anyhoo, the only cure is rest.  so, i thought the word rest meant to simply take it easier than normal.  yeah, right.  that’s when the pain came back with a little more than a vengance.  so now i know that the meaning of rest means to sit down or lay down off of your feet…immediately.  this is really hard to do.  BUT, i’ve got a really precious reason to sit my butt down…asap.   fun times i tell ya, fun times. 

the pain has yet to subside:(  but i’m sure it will soon, or at least i’m hoping it will.  as i caught a glimpse of myself  bent over walking to the bathroom, i looked like a 100 year old pregnant woman.  teehee

until the pain is gone i will be sitting, laying and hopefully sleeping!

c ya



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