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doing fine… January 13, 2010

Posted by jonesgurl in baby news.

so, i had yet another doc’s appointment for the baby.  all is well and the heartbeat was going strong!!!! yay

i will be meeting with the doc every two weeks and i was told that as of my 30th  week i will have to go to the doc’s office twice a week for heart checks, movements and such.  it seems like a lot but, a small price for the health of the baby

from now on, i have to do movement checks everyday at home to make sure the baby is swimming around fine inside.  at first it sord of took my breath away and i did not want to have a constant reminder of what could be.  so, i’ll be doing my movement checks and deep breathing through it and smiling with every kick and movement

i think being pregnant is the most amazing, fascinating and fun thing , ever.  it’s really interesting how much we sometimes take pregnancy for granted.  it’s a miracle and sacrifice for any woman to conceive, carry a baby in her womb and deliver with both baby and mom healthy and well at the end of it all.  it’s a blessing and extremely fortunate that that is the case.  women really do sacrifice their body and their health AND all of us mommies are happy to make the sacrifice.  and i’m not just saying this because i’m hoping for a push present at the end of it all:).  teehee.  in case you don’t know what a push present is, it’s when your loved one/spouse lovingly presents you with a trinket of some sort for all your blood sweat and tears.  depends on your budget, this trinket could be shiny and bling-like or depends on your preference and taste this trinket could come in a preferred pair of 3 inch heels of some sort:).  it’s not all about the push present but, i’m just saying:)… 

anyhoo, i am grateful and will relish in this miracle that i am experiencing

i will be 22 weeks on sunday, i’ve gained about nine pounds in baby weight and feeling fine.  no food really tastes good to me these days but, i discovered that yogurt does not give me that yucky after taste in my mouth.  so what did i do?  added blueberries and strawberries and smoked turkey(on the side) and inhaled it all as if it was my last meal.  trying not to be an oink oink piggy, i’m going to wait one hour and continue the chow fest.  it may not sound like a lot but, you should have seen how much of each of those things i ate.  when pregnant, i don’t think you have to count serving sizes, right? teehee

until next time…



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