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bravery… January 27, 2010

Posted by jonesgurl in hmmmmm.

i heard something the other day that i’ve often thought quite the opposite of.  what i heard someone say was, “if i were brave at the time, i would have just cried.”  hmmmm, that’s a thought for ya.  many times and on many occasions, i have exercised my right to assert myself and let you have it.  i was more than willing to let you know how i was feeling and how incensed i may have been at what was done or said.  what i realize more and more is that it is more brave (at times) to pull back.  easy…no!  better at times…yes!

i could think of a few times (okay, more than a few) that i could have been brave enough to show vulnerability versus the girl who takes no shtuff.  i’m pretty sure that  can do both…now.  i’m a softy with a tough exterior.  i could name a plethora of reasons as to why and how that came to be.  BUT, i’m more interested in being braver and wiser.  that will mean making the best decision for me and my family and giving less energy to what someone else thinks i should do. 

i encourage you to be wise in making decisions that would be best for health, wealth and well being of yourself and your family.  be brave enough to be vulnerable when necessary and strong as God gives you strength.  be brave as sometimes you may find yourself standing alone and against all odds, but don’t let that scare you into submission of doing what’s less than your best. 

“if i am brave, i will be a little more vulnerable”  (and i add to that…”that does not make me weak”)  this, my friends,  is worth trying !

c ya




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