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my baby is super cute… February 5, 2010

Posted by jonesgurl in baby news, growth, life, new baby stuff.

this is not a 3-d image, but i can totally see some very familiar features.  maybe it’s just me but i bet he or she will look like myles!  this. is. an. amazing. picture!!! (if you can’t tell already, i’m easily amused and impressed)

my sweet baby at 24 weeks...

okay, so, i went for another ultrasound and all is well!!! yay!!!

baby is growing nicely and all organs and features and stuff all look really good!

i’m up 12 pounds and am six months along.  wait, rewind, did i just say 12 pounds!!!  anyhoo, i’ve been told by the docs that i’m on track and things look good.  these are the only 12 pounds that i have ever enjoyed and flaunted. 

the movement checks that i have to do can sometimes be a bit nerve wracking!!! mostly because i am thinking about it around the clock…literally.  that’s not how the doc told me to do movement checks, but that’s just where i am with all of this.

i’m having fun being pregnant and myles is making sure that he takes great care of me.  sweet sigh.  what a precious boy he is. 

as the due date time draws closer, i’m trying to soak it all in.  i would love to have five, yes, five children.  but, the time is also drawing near on these here eggs of mine.  so, i may not make it to five children that i, myself, give birth to, but i will enjoy the dickens out of the ones God blesses me with.   can’t wait to smell sweet baby skin!!!

anyhoo, gotta go…my avocados and tomatoes are calling my name.  by the way, now that i cannot have caffeine, i am sooooo craving a really large coke with ice.  yummmmmm.



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