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oh man, nuna is 21… February 5, 2010

Posted by jonesgurl in 1.

myles and his nuna


check out these two faces…aren’t they cute?!!! this is my myles and his nuna (big sister).  of course, myles is still a baby. okay, not really he’s six years old already, but nuna is now a grown up woman!!! she turned 21 just a couple days ago.  sigh.  funny how time flies.  i’m sure she’s having fun being able to enjoy a tiny glass of vino, legally.  teehee 

i plan to take her out for a night filled with turning up the shirley temples!  woohoo!!! do you think she knows that shirley temples are mocktails (fake cocktails)?  hmmmm, maybe she’ll humor me anyway.  i don’t think she is as naive as i may want think her to be.  but, i’ll continue to live in denial until she starts talking long term boyfriends and marriage and stuff.  


i’m proud of her and know that she has a great future ahead of her.  here’s to danbee – the bestest of burfday wishes!!!



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