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burned… February 9, 2010

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by now, everyone knows what has happened in haiti just a few short weeks ago.  it was absolutely devastating and the people are left wondering…what now? it has propelled a lot of us (worldwide) to really take action in one form or another.  whether it be our kids giving from their piggy banks and allowances or people taking their last monies to head over to haiti to lend a hand in whatever capacity they can.  there is a long road ahead.  let’s hope we don’t forget as this news story dies down in the headlines, only to be replaced by the next big news story.

medical assistance is sooooo needed and it is great to see doctors doing what they can with what they have.  there is no talk of medical insurance, just simply doctors at their best doing what they are passionate about – and that’s just simply a passion for medicine and to help save lives. 

as i was watching a medical show and saw some very raw footage of the conditions of the people affected by the earthquake over in haiti, i was overwhelmed.  i was saddened by the number of amputees and burn victims.  for some reason, those injuries are the one’s that really hit me in the gut.  in “normal” circumstances, these injuries could have a chance to heal without the possible ending being fatal. 

as i sat and watched some of the burn victims and the very raw rawness of their burn injuries and how dangerously infected their wounds were, it brought to memory something that was a bit familiar to me.  i too, was a burn patient when i was a kid.  i experienced burns of 2nd and 3rd degree on about 40 percent of my twelve year old 98 pound body.  i had the good fortune of an ambulance being rushed to my house, immediate care from paramedics, being checked into a hospital that specializes in burn patients, which sat right on the lakefront of a thriving modern city.  this help to give me every chance and hope to make it through with great chances for a healthy life.

i was in pain but i had pain meds administered to me.  i had wounds a plenty, but i had top notch nurses and a world class doctor available daily hourly at my beck and call  for all of my care.  was it tough?  of course!  both my parent were around to comfort and the only other worry i had was to lie there and get better.  probably the roughest medical incident i’ve ever had to experience, but as i reflect on it today, it makes me want to be there for those patients that need to know that there’s hope, healing and possibility of a good life on the other side of all of this.  i so wish that i could lavish on them the love and care that was given to me during such a time.

i don’t know how their burn wounds will heal and scar up but the spirit i saw in the people affected somehow told me that no matter the outcome, they too will heal from the scars…all of the scars.  there may not have been any world class hospital on hand to care for them around the clock, but they carried themselves in a way that may me proud of them, root for them, pray for them, hope for them, wishing for all the balms, antibiotics ointments and doctor care that they could get.  though the help that they are getting may seem like jungle medicine to us, but to them during this time, it IS world class medical treatment. 

generally speaking, i’m skeeved out by lots of stuff almost anything.  as i watched the show i could not turn away.  i could not cover my eyes.  i could not pretend that some people experience a lifetime full of misfortune and then only to have that misfortune topped off by devastating misfortune.  i could not turn my heart away from thinking of how i could help.  i may not have much these day, but i will help.  when you think of how just mere change can help get antibiotics to the haitian people, it’s no hard decision to give the five dollars that you think would not help…trust me, it will, because every little bit helps. 

i have often taken for granted –  medical care, medical insurance, hospitals, easy access to ointments that would help my wounds heal well.  there are probably going to be times that i may slip for just a moment and take for granted any good fortune that i may have, but i will be more aware and conscious of appreciating and putting to good use what is available to me.  i will continue to teach my myles the value of his blessings (in every form) and to always keep those with needs  in mind. though he is only six years old, he has already shown his philanthropic side.  i believe that if we raise the next generation to think less about being famous, how much stuff they can accumulate and how much bling they can flaunt, we could really transform how “me centered” things in this country/world has become.  but, i digress.  sigh

forever burned in my mind will be the images that plague the people that have no other choice.  i tell you what else will be burned in my mind – the great and inspiring spirit of the people that seem to have very little.  they act as if they know that God has not forgotten them.  and i say..neither should we forget.

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