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kisses with no strings attached…??? February 18, 2010

Posted by jonesgurl in my baby. my boyl my joy, my joy!, valentines day.

so, on valentine’s day afternoon, i was taking a quick nap when my myles came to me and said/gave.  i opened my eyes and he was standing above me, proudly holding something in his hands and smiling.  naturally,  i wondered, “what was he up to?”

he had gone downstairs to the kitchen pantry, climbed on a step stool, grabbed a heaping hand full of hershey kisses and found his way to where i was napping…

he opened his hands…

dumped the hershey kisses all over me…

and said, “i’m showering you with kisses for valentine’s day”…

needless to say, we shared the yummy chocolate treats until they were all gone.  (i’m betting, that was part of his goal :)) i don’t normally eat much chocolate, but these were surprisingly good – hershey kisses meltaways

the moment was priceless!  and of course, i thought he was told to do that by his dad.  NOPE.  i found out yesterday that he did not even know what myles was up to and figured i had sent him to the candy container. NOPE.  anyhoo, he said myles didn’t ask for help and this sweet little mission of his was of his own doing.

 i. loved. it!!! it was sweet, a precious moment, simple, to the point and a slick way to get what you want while melting his momma’s heart, all at the same time.

some woman is going to be really fortunate…i’ve got a “miniature romantic” in the making.  teehee

until next time

c ya



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