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third world teeth? hmmmm… March 23, 2010

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okay, so, i was talking with myles about this organization called Feed My Starving Children.  i was explaining to him that his dad went in my place to help pack meals at a volunteer event.

myles:  what are they packing meals for?

me:  (explained what the org. does and who they help. i mentioned that they help people in third world or under-developed countries and poor people in need of food assistance)

myles:  what is under-developed, again?

me:  (explained the difference between america and other parts of the world.  gave him some specific differences)

myles:  i know someone who’s third world.

me:  really, who?

myles:  mrs. _________ (i leave the name blank so as not to, ahem, embarrass this person who happens to live on our street)

me:  do you mean mrs. __________, who is __________ mommy?

myles:  yes, her.  really she is third world.  you should see her teeth, ugh.  (trying to convince me to take a good look next time i see her)

me:  because her teeth look like that does not mean that she is third world, it just means that she may have to go to the dentist to get her teeth fixed. (totally not knowing what else to say)

myles:  maybe.  but, she really is poor.  (as he begins to describe this person’s mouth…in graphic details)

me:  just because someone doesn’t do a good job with taking care of their teeth doesn’t mean that they are poor.  sometimes they may look like that because they have to get better at taking care of their body and their teeth.

myles: (continued on with what he was doing as if he hadn’t said anything)

what was really interesting about this conversation is that he was kind of right.  a lot of times when i see these really sad heart gripping commercials showing down trodden people in need of help, i never thought to expect for them to look like they had no access to dental care.  strangely enough, their teeth tend to look better than some of us here in america with full access to tooth brushes, tooth paste, and for the most part a dentist, or hygienist or something.  hmph, what does that say about us and how we take for granted some of the simplest things that we have access to that others can’t even fathom having?  i won’t rant here, but, we’ve got to do better.

funny thing is, the person myles was speaking of  makes a pretty good living and has access to decent health and dental insurance!  so, why the yuck mouth?  i dunnno.  but, it is kind of a shame if we have it but don’t use it.  toothbrush, that is. toothpaste, that is. dentist, that is.

the lesson:  if you don’t want to look third world, perhaps you should smile pretty int he mirror and take care of that situation in your mouth.  if you don’t want to get embarrassed by little kids who all seem to sometimes speak what grown ups won’t say aloud, be sure to brush, rinse and visit the dentist every six months!

just an f.y.i. – i think my teeth look decent and i brush and floss quite regularly, at least two times a day.  BUT, just because my teeth don’t look like brand new shiny white pearls…myles had the nerve to comment on the fact that they’re “kinda not so shiny like his because his teeth are new because he’s young.”  what?!?!  the nerve of that kid.  i’m definitely no yuck mouth!!! though, i must admit, he does have a nice white set of pearly whites in his mouth.  all that reminding and helping with the floss/brush process has helped.  (insert pat on the back to his parents:)).  but don’t tell him i said that because i think it just might go to his head a bit more than it already has.  smile


not a whole lotta words right now… March 13, 2010

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life with me is never dull.  always interesting and often with hills to climb.  fortunately for me, i like rock climbing.  really, i do!  but, let’s just say that there are days that the ummmm, well, let’s call them “adventures” of life, are a bit much.  again, fortunately for me, i like a good adventure.  i say that with no sarcasm at all.  i just simply say that with determination to always learn always seek an understanding as to what i’m being shown and how i can grow from any of the happenings of life. 

i remember when i was a little younger and less mature, i wouldn’t really ride the wave and seek for understanding on how to better deal with life.  well folks, life really is all what you make of it.  “survival of the fittest” is a must.  and when you find yourself going through hell, keep going! – winston churchill

as my life has often followed a pattern of highs and lows, goods and bads, happys and sads, miraculous and unbelievably yuck…simultaneously, i can trust myself and more importantly God, to navigate through all joys and pains together.  and right now, the blows, lows and highs are all coming at once.  BUT, I. CAN. DO. THIS!

my post was titled “not a whole lotta words right now”…well, you know that everything is relative.  and relative to how much i normally talk, these are few words.  the following two videos are worth listening to, at least for me right about now.  outside of pen to paper or fingers to keyboard, i don’t want to talk much…just listen.

be encouraged on your life’s journey.

green eggs and ham… March 5, 2010

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this week at myles’ school, they’ve been celebrating dr. suess’s birthday with different stories and boooks.  so, i thought it would be fun to carry out some bit of activity at home. un, un…what was i thinking…

green eggs for breakfast, yummmm (or maybe not).  dr. suess’s birthday is a good reason to bring the week to a close with a breakfast of green eggs and ham (or in our house…turkey sausage)!  you’ve all heard the story, i’m sure.  so anyhoo, i told myles that he was going to have a surprise breakfast and he was excited.  well, that excitement quickly turned to disappointment, just like SAM I AM.  he looked at the plate and immediately made the gesture as if he was going to throw up.  he asked, “what kind of surprise is this?”   i think it’s safe to say that he does not like green eggs and ham he does not like them…sam, he sord of was for the moment.  we started laughing a little  bit because the moment and the expression on his face was too funny and too priceless.  why did we do that (laugh that is)?  he stormed off with tears in his eyes as if we were playing some kind of cruel joke on him. 

the offensive breakfast of green eggs and...

i must admit, the strange looking green eggs turned me off a bit too, but i thought that a six year old boy would definitely get a kick out of it.  not!!! so, the eggs were promptly removed from his plate and he peacefully enjoyed his turkey sausage (which were not green) wheat toast and milk.  i asked myles, “so, i guess you’re like Sam I Am in the book, huh?”  without skipping a beat he told me no, because sam ends up eating them at the end of the story.  that was my big hint that he had no intentions on eating green eggs…in the end or any other time. 

no more weird colored food or “cruel jokes” (for now at least:)).  tonight we’ll snuggle up and watch the movie “horton hears a hoo”.  i’m running on very little creative juices here, so, i’ll pop some corn and hide some little “hoo” candies in the popcorn.  the bonus is that i don’t have to read the book because he loves to follow along with the book while the movie plays.  i really would read him the story at bedtime, but…momma is tired these days.

it’s fun to surprise myles with these little moments.  i see now that i am not going to always hit the mark with my so called creativity.  what’s interesting though is that he likes when i make bug juice and mud desert with bugs and worms sticking out of it.  he calls that cool.  but green eggs…defintinely offensive to him.  go figure.

until next time

c ya

odor, sweet odor… March 3, 2010

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because i’m with child, every weird or not so weird smell sends my stomach into a complete turnabout mode.  that is especially true when i first wake up.  as i slowly woke up this morning (is 3:00 am really morning?) my stomach was turning and i felt like i was choking on what sort of smelled like ben gay or something like it.  it was so strong that i could not figure out where it was coming from.  ick.  i could not stand it!  i rolled over to the other side of my pillow and here’s what i found…

all over my pillow were these sweet notes.  obviously, my myles found the sharpie markers (which he loves to write with) and decided to make his dear mommy smile.  though these sweet notes were the sweetest little love gesture from my six year old, i found myself beaming from ear to ear, high on sharpie markers and nearly running to bathroom hoping not to upchuck from the pungent odor of markers.

i neatly put all five of his little sticky notes in a plastic sleeve for my binder of keepsakes. i figured i could contain the smell and hold on to my notes to show him i really appreciate him.

anyhoo, it’s really neat to see that what you do with and for your children come back to you.  i’m always sticking little notes here and there for him and letting him know how special he is.  i always hoped, not really knowing if my little words were having an effect on him.  well, apparently they are and that makes my heart smile.

until next time

c ya

lies, lies, lies… (forgiveness, pt. 1) March 1, 2010

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can you imagine lying so much that you no longer know the truth from a lie.  it is a delusional life.  it is the worst way to live.  simply because – it will catch up with you. 

lying is devastating and disgusting to be around. 

lying destroys relationships.

lying destroys your relationship with God.

lying does not let you see the real you.

lying does not let other people see the real you.

lying diminishes who you are.

lying keeps everyone you know and come in contact with at a distance (emotionally).

lying keeps everyone you know and come in contact with at a distance (physically).

lying creates a pretend world that no one wants to live in with you.

lying catches up with you even if you don’t think it will.

lying is as heavy as a thousand pound weight around your neck and every lie adds more weight to it.

lying does not allow for a life of freedom.

lying keeps you running from yourself and others.

by lying, you’re pretending to be something that you’re not.

most often, people can’t live with lies, but they pretend through life, live with the lies and live in shame.

lying is like a disease.  “pathological” lying is a disease!

lying is bad bad BAD!!!

i know a liar that lied so much that they could not tell the truth about even the slightest of things.  anytime they speak…i cringe and get tense.  being around them is like a heavy oppressive presence.  they have lost everything that they know and wanted in life just because of the lies that they have told.  is it enough to make them change from an oppressive life filled with lies, lies and more lies?  i dunno, we shall see.  but in the meantime, their lies have cost them my friendship and trust.

lying so angers me because its destructive nature. i find myself seething anytime someone lies to me and ESPECIALLY when someone lies on me.  ugh.

children and lies:  children go through many phases in their growth. i’ve learned that ALL children go through a phase that include lying.  what?!  ugh!!! sigh.  i. absolutely. hate. it.  our job as parents is to help them navigate their way through life without this deceptive way of being.  because i’ve experienced first hand, how someone’s lies can destroy, i am ultra sensitive to anyone lying to me.  even my sweet-faced, precious little myles, tells lies.  what?!  at first, i did not know how to handle him lying to me.  he once lied to me and it made me so livid. he immediately got in trouble and lost the privileges of playing with his most prized possessions for a period of time.  for myles, this meant that his whole world came crashing down around him.  losing toy privileges for a kid is a big deal.  put this in the context of a a grown up who lies and lies and lies. they will eventually have their whole world crash down around them, and it won’t be a few toys.  the consequences of lying is all relative. its devastating effects can seem like the end of the world and for some, it has destroyed their world…their whole life.

you see folks, lying, as you probably have gathered by now, really ticks me off.

when you lie, your children will lie.  so it is important to model different behavior.  when you lie, you don’t realize what kind of life you’re shaping for yourself.  when you lie, you don’t allow God to reveal “you” to yourself and bring healing into your life.  when you lie, you don’t get the chance to live a life of freedom, but instead, your life is much about delusions.  oftentimes, delusions of grandeur and such.   

for those of us that think little lies are no big deal, there is no such thing.  a lie is a lie is a lie.  a little lie can be just as extremely destructive as a supposed big lie. 

“ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free” – so true, so true this is!!!  there is no freedom in living with lies and hiding from yourself, hiding from others and living in shame.

why a post about lies?  well, i was reflecting on a recent experience and how devastating their lie was to me.  it has caused me to have such a strong reaction when someone lies that i have to really get a hold of my reaction when i know that someone is lying.  when i say strong reacton…it was not pretty, folks.  have i ever lied?  ummmm, yep.  just as we all have.  but, i promise myself that little lies are not acceptable and little lies or big lies i will never get away with.  and with a very stern voice, i told this to sweet-faced, precious little myles.  it scared the french fry out of him, but he got the point.

so, did i forgive this person and others who have come to mind as i delve into this topic about lying?  i am desperately working on it.  carrying the weight of what they have done is not mine to handle.  however, me forgiving them is.  this is a tough one for me but i’m determined to forgive.

anyhoo, until next time…keep it straight and tell the TRUTH!!!

c ya