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lies, lies, lies… (forgiveness, pt. 1) March 1, 2010

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can you imagine lying so much that you no longer know the truth from a lie.  it is a delusional life.  it is the worst way to live.  simply because – it will catch up with you. 

lying is devastating and disgusting to be around. 

lying destroys relationships.

lying destroys your relationship with God.

lying does not let you see the real you.

lying does not let other people see the real you.

lying diminishes who you are.

lying keeps everyone you know and come in contact with at a distance (emotionally).

lying keeps everyone you know and come in contact with at a distance (physically).

lying creates a pretend world that no one wants to live in with you.

lying catches up with you even if you don’t think it will.

lying is as heavy as a thousand pound weight around your neck and every lie adds more weight to it.

lying does not allow for a life of freedom.

lying keeps you running from yourself and others.

by lying, you’re pretending to be something that you’re not.

most often, people can’t live with lies, but they pretend through life, live with the lies and live in shame.

lying is like a disease.  “pathological” lying is a disease!

lying is bad bad BAD!!!

i know a liar that lied so much that they could not tell the truth about even the slightest of things.  anytime they speak…i cringe and get tense.  being around them is like a heavy oppressive presence.  they have lost everything that they know and wanted in life just because of the lies that they have told.  is it enough to make them change from an oppressive life filled with lies, lies and more lies?  i dunno, we shall see.  but in the meantime, their lies have cost them my friendship and trust.

lying so angers me because its destructive nature. i find myself seething anytime someone lies to me and ESPECIALLY when someone lies on me.  ugh.

children and lies:  children go through many phases in their growth. i’ve learned that ALL children go through a phase that include lying.  what?!  ugh!!! sigh.  i. absolutely. hate. it.  our job as parents is to help them navigate their way through life without this deceptive way of being.  because i’ve experienced first hand, how someone’s lies can destroy, i am ultra sensitive to anyone lying to me.  even my sweet-faced, precious little myles, tells lies.  what?!  at first, i did not know how to handle him lying to me.  he once lied to me and it made me so livid. he immediately got in trouble and lost the privileges of playing with his most prized possessions for a period of time.  for myles, this meant that his whole world came crashing down around him.  losing toy privileges for a kid is a big deal.  put this in the context of a a grown up who lies and lies and lies. they will eventually have their whole world crash down around them, and it won’t be a few toys.  the consequences of lying is all relative. its devastating effects can seem like the end of the world and for some, it has destroyed their world…their whole life.

you see folks, lying, as you probably have gathered by now, really ticks me off.

when you lie, your children will lie.  so it is important to model different behavior.  when you lie, you don’t realize what kind of life you’re shaping for yourself.  when you lie, you don’t allow God to reveal “you” to yourself and bring healing into your life.  when you lie, you don’t get the chance to live a life of freedom, but instead, your life is much about delusions.  oftentimes, delusions of grandeur and such.   

for those of us that think little lies are no big deal, there is no such thing.  a lie is a lie is a lie.  a little lie can be just as extremely destructive as a supposed big lie. 

“ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free” – so true, so true this is!!!  there is no freedom in living with lies and hiding from yourself, hiding from others and living in shame.

why a post about lies?  well, i was reflecting on a recent experience and how devastating their lie was to me.  it has caused me to have such a strong reaction when someone lies that i have to really get a hold of my reaction when i know that someone is lying.  when i say strong reacton…it was not pretty, folks.  have i ever lied?  ummmm, yep.  just as we all have.  but, i promise myself that little lies are not acceptable and little lies or big lies i will never get away with.  and with a very stern voice, i told this to sweet-faced, precious little myles.  it scared the french fry out of him, but he got the point.

so, did i forgive this person and others who have come to mind as i delve into this topic about lying?  i am desperately working on it.  carrying the weight of what they have done is not mine to handle.  however, me forgiving them is.  this is a tough one for me but i’m determined to forgive.

anyhoo, until next time…keep it straight and tell the TRUTH!!!

c ya



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