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odor, sweet odor… March 3, 2010

Posted by jonesgurl in brown boy pride, gotta love it.
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because i’m with child, every weird or not so weird smell sends my stomach into a complete turnabout mode.  that is especially true when i first wake up.  as i slowly woke up this morning (is 3:00 am really morning?) my stomach was turning and i felt like i was choking on what sort of smelled like ben gay or something like it.  it was so strong that i could not figure out where it was coming from.  ick.  i could not stand it!  i rolled over to the other side of my pillow and here’s what i found…

all over my pillow were these sweet notes.  obviously, my myles found the sharpie markers (which he loves to write with) and decided to make his dear mommy smile.  though these sweet notes were the sweetest little love gesture from my six year old, i found myself beaming from ear to ear, high on sharpie markers and nearly running to bathroom hoping not to upchuck from the pungent odor of markers.

i neatly put all five of his little sticky notes in a plastic sleeve for my binder of keepsakes. i figured i could contain the smell and hold on to my notes to show him i really appreciate him.

anyhoo, it’s really neat to see that what you do with and for your children come back to you.  i’m always sticking little notes here and there for him and letting him know how special he is.  i always hoped, not really knowing if my little words were having an effect on him.  well, apparently they are and that makes my heart smile.

until next time

c ya



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