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green eggs and ham… March 5, 2010

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this week at myles’ school, they’ve been celebrating dr. suess’s birthday with different stories and boooks.  so, i thought it would be fun to carry out some bit of activity at home. un, un…what was i thinking…

green eggs for breakfast, yummmm (or maybe not).  dr. suess’s birthday is a good reason to bring the week to a close with a breakfast of green eggs and ham (or in our house…turkey sausage)!  you’ve all heard the story, i’m sure.  so anyhoo, i told myles that he was going to have a surprise breakfast and he was excited.  well, that excitement quickly turned to disappointment, just like SAM I AM.  he looked at the plate and immediately made the gesture as if he was going to throw up.  he asked, “what kind of surprise is this?”   i think it’s safe to say that he does not like green eggs and ham he does not like them…sam, he sord of was for the moment.  we started laughing a little  bit because the moment and the expression on his face was too funny and too priceless.  why did we do that (laugh that is)?  he stormed off with tears in his eyes as if we were playing some kind of cruel joke on him. 

the offensive breakfast of green eggs and...

i must admit, the strange looking green eggs turned me off a bit too, but i thought that a six year old boy would definitely get a kick out of it.  not!!! so, the eggs were promptly removed from his plate and he peacefully enjoyed his turkey sausage (which were not green) wheat toast and milk.  i asked myles, “so, i guess you’re like Sam I Am in the book, huh?”  without skipping a beat he told me no, because sam ends up eating them at the end of the story.  that was my big hint that he had no intentions on eating green eggs…in the end or any other time. 

no more weird colored food or “cruel jokes” (for now at least:)).  tonight we’ll snuggle up and watch the movie “horton hears a hoo”.  i’m running on very little creative juices here, so, i’ll pop some corn and hide some little “hoo” candies in the popcorn.  the bonus is that i don’t have to read the book because he loves to follow along with the book while the movie plays.  i really would read him the story at bedtime, but…momma is tired these days.

it’s fun to surprise myles with these little moments.  i see now that i am not going to always hit the mark with my so called creativity.  what’s interesting though is that he likes when i make bug juice and mud desert with bugs and worms sticking out of it.  he calls that cool.  but green eggs…defintinely offensive to him.  go figure.

until next time

c ya


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