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not a whole lotta words right now… March 13, 2010

Posted by jonesgurl in life.
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life with me is never dull.  always interesting and often with hills to climb.  fortunately for me, i like rock climbing.  really, i do!  but, let’s just say that there are days that the ummmm, well, let’s call them “adventures” of life, are a bit much.  again, fortunately for me, i like a good adventure.  i say that with no sarcasm at all.  i just simply say that with determination to always learn always seek an understanding as to what i’m being shown and how i can grow from any of the happenings of life. 

i remember when i was a little younger and less mature, i wouldn’t really ride the wave and seek for understanding on how to better deal with life.  well folks, life really is all what you make of it.  “survival of the fittest” is a must.  and when you find yourself going through hell, keep going! – winston churchill

as my life has often followed a pattern of highs and lows, goods and bads, happys and sads, miraculous and unbelievably yuck…simultaneously, i can trust myself and more importantly God, to navigate through all joys and pains together.  and right now, the blows, lows and highs are all coming at once.  BUT, I. CAN. DO. THIS!

my post was titled “not a whole lotta words right now”…well, you know that everything is relative.  and relative to how much i normally talk, these are few words.  the following two videos are worth listening to, at least for me right about now.  outside of pen to paper or fingers to keyboard, i don’t want to talk much…just listen.

be encouraged on your life’s journey.



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