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the day has arrived… May 17, 2010

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i’m outta here.  soon i will be off to my scheduled delivery….YIKES!!!

i made it, whew…this has been a looooonnnnngggg almost 40 weeks, but thank God it’s here. we’ll be talking with ya soon and we’ll have some new baby stuff to show ya.  yay!!! thanks for the prayers and good vibes!!!

last meal with just mommy and me

until next time,

c, ya


three days and counting… May 14, 2010

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i am soooo high on life right now.  i’m not sure if others of you have ever experienced being really really happy about certain aspects of your life while dealing with some of life’s toughest challenges at the same time.  kinda weird huh? such is life, right?

anyhoo, let’s talk about the high.  i have three days left and just thinking about the new baby is keeping my natural buzz going. the only thing about that is that i feel a bit like i’m in la la land, all buzzed up on life and peeps.  yep, i said it – peeps. you know those colored sugar covered marshmallow things that you buy at easter (we have a small stash in the pantry:)).  yummmm.  i figured that since i only have a few days to give in to every craving that comes to mind…go for the peeps.  sugary goodness.  next…a klondike bar. and then…an avocado with just a bit of salt with lime and tomato.  afternoon delight!

so far, total weight gain for this pregnancy – 16 pounds.  what’s one pound more?  teehee

speaking of being high on life and an extra sixteen pounds- i was sitting on the bed and i happened to look down at my belly and had a fleeting thought of omg, how did my belly get so big?  and then i remembered, oh yeah, i’m pregnant.  yep…i know, i’m a dork.  teehee. so i continued eating my peeps and carried on with whatever it was i was doing. i can’t believe i forgot (for like two seconds) that i’m preggers.

i had my last doc’s appointment yesterday!!! woohoo.  it was weird because for a few months, i was there two times a week and sometimes three times a week.  now i’m free.  all went well at the appointment and all looks great.  the only thing about a scheduled c-section is that there is no surprise, and no water breaking and you don’t get to 1-2-3 push and the baby is here.  i’m not complaining in the least bit, but i must say that the natural way is an experience to be had.  i’m probably just fantasizing because that’s what it was like the first time around (relatively speaking). 

anyhoo, three days and we’ll have pics to post of a sweet little baby that i’m almost sure will look like myles and me.  (just like amber did).  no worries, andre’s contribution will probably be seen somewhere in the toes or fingers or something…teehee

if anything happens before monday…we’ll let ya know

and on the seventh day… May 11, 2010

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baby is a coming in seven days!  yay!!!

can someone tell me where to find that quiet secluded place where pregnant women in their last week of pregnancy go for serenity?  you know, there really should be a place such as that.  a place where we go to do nothing, hear nothing, speak nothing if we don’t want to.  sounds fantastic right?  ‘cuz we all know that the day baby arrives – all the ummmm, what’s the word…fun, yeah, that’s it, all the fun begins!!!

the best part of the no sleep or minimal sleep, nursing every two hours, 2.5 minute showers, 30 second hair-do, 2 minute teeth brushing time, “get my body back” recovery time, spit-up, poop explosions, car-load of baby equipment, foggy brain momma, c-section healing time, not forgetting to use mederma for the scar, not forgetting to eat, eating while nursing without dropping food on the baby, multi-multi-tasking, not knowing what day it is and finally…holding, kissing, loving, appreciating, soaking in the love and smell of this sweet baby.  the latter part of it all makes the rest of it soooooooo worth while.  i’ll take a stitch or two anyday, just to get to the point of being able to hold and smell and love this sweet baby. 

i am going to really enjoy these final few days, because i may never get this chance of a lifetime to give birth again…or will i?  hmmmmmmmm

it is overwhelming and i’m not quite sure why because i’ve done this before. 

anyhoo, as i take time to sleep the days away (mainly because i can hardly keep my eyes open), i shall double check my baby name list (abner or agnes -names at the top of the list), hospital bag, final doc’s appt. and make sure the gas tank is full…i will be poised to go and ready to celebrate and party!!! NEW. BABY. IS. COMING!!!

in the meantime, the woman in this video is going to help get the party started…

this. is. too. funny.  i don’t think i can pop and lock and shake like this even when i’m not pregnant.  check out her skills 🙂

until next time

c ya

spontaneous moments before the calculated countdown… May 9, 2010

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okay, so myles had a photo session with a great photographer the other day.  it was such an easy breezy session.  myles was chilled out and in a comfort zone and she was so cool.

unbeknownst to julie, the surprise for me was that the photos ended up being taken by “the purple flowers”.  i have been pulling the car over everywhere to take pics by “the purple flowers”.  you see, this time every year, there are these purple flowers that bloom on the side of roads and freeways everywhere and they catch my attention.  if i can, i pull over to get a picture of them or with them.  this year was no different except for the fact that there was no good place to pull over.  there were going to be no pictures taken with “the purple flowers” this year…or so i thought.

julie the photographer that took pictures of myles had a plan A for pictures with myles but that quickly changed and plan B came into play.  what joy for me when plan B was right in the heart of a bunch of “the purple flowers”.  yay julie and yay for me.

even though i had no plans of being included in any snap shots that day, i could not resist.  i was sleepy.  i was tired.  i was ready to go home and take a quick rest before the fast approaching delivery date of the new baby.  “the purple flowers” help take the sting out of my to do lists.

i absolutely love candid pictures and those taken in nature settings.  so, as soon as we said good-bye to julie we ran a quick errand and returned right back to the spot that was calling my name.  i pulled out my trusty phone (yes, i said phone not camera:)) and FINALLY…i got my pictures by “the purple flowers”.    very precious and brief spontaneous moments with much thanks to my personal photographer…andre’. 

obviously, a photographer…i am not! but just for my records, these amateur shots will do for me.  these are some of my final spontaneous moments before the very nearing countdown to baby’s arrival.  and yes, i am calculating every minute i have left.  i need more time!!!

by the way, i have no idea the official name of “the purple flowers”

awww sweet?...he was trying to get a yes answer for some candy!

the negotiation...

negotiation settled. i got flowers. he got candy. see the smirk on his face.

chatting with my favorite boy...as always

myles talking to my belly and warning the baby about "the purple flowers"

the color purple - back to my roots hair and all 🙂 teehee

a picture of me six years ago chasing purple flowers while pregnant with my myles

until next time

c, ya…by the way folks, the countdown is really on.  this is the final week!

mail mine to haiti and pakistan…please May 9, 2010

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okay, so i have to end the week with a cute little story about you know who…myles, of course.

today was the day for stamp out hunger with the postal service.  you know – the post card you get in the mail that lets you know that your friendly neighborhood postal worker will be dropping off your mail and collecting food  for food banks around the area. 

so, we packed some bags of food to share and started to head out to the mail box to drop them there. before going there myles said that he had to label the bags before we left them at the curb.  label the bags?  not sure what he meant but he asked for a sharpie marker and needed my help holding the bags while he wrote his labels on each bag.  on one bag he wrote the word haiti and on another bag he wrote the word pakistan.  he alternated…two bags for haiti and two bags for pakistan.  (he got a little help with the spelling).  i was impressed.  though, i did not know he was going to do this or i would have evened the bags out a bit.  it looks as if in one of pakistan’s bags they will be getting one tall box of rice crispies:). 

anyhoo, i thought it was kinda funny because i never even thought twice about where these food items were going to be going.  i just assumed it would be some food bank nearby.  but, of course, myles never leaving anything to chance, made sure that the post office who delivers everywhere could definitely deliver this food to the properly addressed country (no address required :)). 

i love his thoughtfulness!  seriously, kids have a way of making us think a bit before we do or even as we do things. 

so instead of his heart and thoughts for wanting to help other people simply reach people down the street to the nearest food bank, i’m sure that one day his heart for helping others will go the extra mile all the way to haiti, pakistan or somewhere else needed.

he makes my heart swell. sigh.