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and on the seventh day… May 11, 2010

Posted by jonesgurl in baby news.

baby is a coming in seven days!  yay!!!

can someone tell me where to find that quiet secluded place where pregnant women in their last week of pregnancy go for serenity?  you know, there really should be a place such as that.  a place where we go to do nothing, hear nothing, speak nothing if we don’t want to.  sounds fantastic right?  ‘cuz we all know that the day baby arrives – all the ummmm, what’s the word…fun, yeah, that’s it, all the fun begins!!!

the best part of the no sleep or minimal sleep, nursing every two hours, 2.5 minute showers, 30 second hair-do, 2 minute teeth brushing time, “get my body back” recovery time, spit-up, poop explosions, car-load of baby equipment, foggy brain momma, c-section healing time, not forgetting to use mederma for the scar, not forgetting to eat, eating while nursing without dropping food on the baby, multi-multi-tasking, not knowing what day it is and finally…holding, kissing, loving, appreciating, soaking in the love and smell of this sweet baby.  the latter part of it all makes the rest of it soooooooo worth while.  i’ll take a stitch or two anyday, just to get to the point of being able to hold and smell and love this sweet baby. 

i am going to really enjoy these final few days, because i may never get this chance of a lifetime to give birth again…or will i?  hmmmmmmmm

it is overwhelming and i’m not quite sure why because i’ve done this before. 

anyhoo, as i take time to sleep the days away (mainly because i can hardly keep my eyes open), i shall double check my baby name list (abner or agnes -names at the top of the list), hospital bag, final doc’s appt. and make sure the gas tank is full…i will be poised to go and ready to celebrate and party!!! NEW. BABY. IS. COMING!!!

in the meantime, the woman in this video is going to help get the party started…

this. is. too. funny.  i don’t think i can pop and lock and shake like this even when i’m not pregnant.  check out her skills 🙂

until next time

c ya



1. Jen - May 12, 2010

You are so cute! I LOVE the pictures! I can’t wait for baby to be here. Agnes is going to be such a joy..opps did I use a name, anyhoo…this baby is going to bring more joy than he or she could ever imagine!!
Love you! xxoo

jonesgurl - May 14, 2010

agnes, agnes, agnes!!!

you’re one of the very very few who says girl. almost everyone thinks boy…just by looking at my tummy. you and a friend of mine have boys and wishful thinking (me too…i think). sigh and smile. if it’s a girl, LORD, please let her be chilled out like her daddy…amen. teehee

2. jonesgurl - May 14, 2010

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