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three days and counting… May 14, 2010

Posted by jonesgurl in baby news.

i am soooo high on life right now.  i’m not sure if others of you have ever experienced being really really happy about certain aspects of your life while dealing with some of life’s toughest challenges at the same time.  kinda weird huh? such is life, right?

anyhoo, let’s talk about the high.  i have three days left and just thinking about the new baby is keeping my natural buzz going. the only thing about that is that i feel a bit like i’m in la la land, all buzzed up on life and peeps.  yep, i said it – peeps. you know those colored sugar covered marshmallow things that you buy at easter (we have a small stash in the pantry:)).  yummmm.  i figured that since i only have a few days to give in to every craving that comes to mind…go for the peeps.  sugary goodness.  next…a klondike bar. and then…an avocado with just a bit of salt with lime and tomato.  afternoon delight!

so far, total weight gain for this pregnancy – 16 pounds.  what’s one pound more?  teehee

speaking of being high on life and an extra sixteen pounds- i was sitting on the bed and i happened to look down at my belly and had a fleeting thought of omg, how did my belly get so big?  and then i remembered, oh yeah, i’m pregnant.  yep…i know, i’m a dork.  teehee. so i continued eating my peeps and carried on with whatever it was i was doing. i can’t believe i forgot (for like two seconds) that i’m preggers.

i had my last doc’s appointment yesterday!!! woohoo.  it was weird because for a few months, i was there two times a week and sometimes three times a week.  now i’m free.  all went well at the appointment and all looks great.  the only thing about a scheduled c-section is that there is no surprise, and no water breaking and you don’t get to 1-2-3 push and the baby is here.  i’m not complaining in the least bit, but i must say that the natural way is an experience to be had.  i’m probably just fantasizing because that’s what it was like the first time around (relatively speaking). 

anyhoo, three days and we’ll have pics to post of a sweet little baby that i’m almost sure will look like myles and me.  (just like amber did).  no worries, andre’s contribution will probably be seen somewhere in the toes or fingers or something…teehee

if anything happens before monday…we’ll let ya know



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