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she’s here. she’s here. it’s a sweet sweet girl!!! June 16, 2010

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okay. so i have like two seconds to write until feeding time.  i’m sooooo excited and sleepy. 

i gave birth to a girl and her name is aundrea-claire genesis.  yes, she has like ten names, but i love it.  the name aundrea genesis actually kept coming to me, but i never really actually thought i would get a chance to use it (the name).  she has a part of her dad’s name which is bonus for him.  i really wish that i could say how clever i am in arranging her name for a pretty cool meanig.  nope, i could not have been creative enough to think of putting her name together on my own.  but, it has a really cool meaning and at a very pivotal point in the life of my family.  aundrea (female version of andre’ and it means strong / powerful), claire (means bright) and genesis (means beginning).  so, her name translated is – strong bright beginning!  how cool is that?!

she is lots of fun and very tiny.  she was 5 pounds 8 ounces at birth.  i’m sure she is all of maybe 6 pounds by now.  i know this because she has a very hearty appetite.  she nurses around the clock and sleeps when she’s not eating.  i forget that baby’s are not up for hours waiting to amuse us big people…she’s got sleeping to do!  teehee 

she was quite a peanut at birth and to see her in person, she is still a peanut.  on pictures she looks bigger and older than what she really is.  i tend to have small very adorable babies. 🙂

i have two seconds to finish…but i’ll be back:) 

in the meantime and in between time…here are two of my favorite pics of her.

genesis at two weeks old

genesis at four weeks