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dang, girl…where have you been? May 1, 2011

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okay, so i’ve been… not writing. OBVIOUSLY.  actually, i HAVE been writing (in my head).  i’ve been homeschooling.  i’ve been taking care of a new baby.  i’ve been walking around half asleep.  i’ve been a little bit tired.  i’ve been keeping up with my husband’s in town and out-of-town work schedule.  i’ve been washing dishes and doing laundry. i’ve been singing.   i’ve been driving.  i’ve been out of town a little here and a little there.  i’ve been working on something really really really really cool.  i’ve been consumed with all that gives me energy and drains me all at the same time.  i’ve been doing what i’ve gotta do.  that list of what i’ve been doing seems small, however, it involves lots of details  details  details.

don’t cry for me argentina because it’s a mixed bag of the joys, the highs, the scary, the mundane, the mending, the healing, the miracles and so on and so forth.  to simply put it…i’ve been LIVING life.  my life, i’m sure, is no different than lots of ceo moms around these parts.  i just made that up  – CEO Mom.  kinda catchy, yeah?

well, anyhoo, believe it or not my lady bug is nearly one year old.  in exactly 17 days she will be ONE!!!  just to say those words puts my stomach in knots.  it has been  a miracle of a year.  it was a miracle to even have her enter my world.  so, to make it to this point is an even greater miracle…for me.

her stats:  she weighs about 11.5 lbs.  she is a little peanut.  of course you would not know it because she thinks she can hang with her 7 year old brother.  fortunately, she still fits a lot of her clothes.  unfortunately, her tiny pants sometimes fall right off of her little booty. too funny.

she has a bit of hair, not too much.  she has her dad’s hairline which truly cracks me up.  she looks so much like him all the way down to the hair line which dips back a bit…if you know what i mean.

no teeth yet. but she sure can gum some food.

she can talk (baby talk, of course).  words used most often – num, daaaad, maaa maaaa, ay (when she’s calling her brother), lots of squealing and squeaking.  she can sign language the words more, thank you, eat, yummy.  she blows kisses, if she feels like it. and she blows rasberries more than kisses.

she’s crawling and walking if you hold her hand.  perhaps she’ll go solo by birthday time.  if not, no rush.  really!

her favorite food is homemade oatmeal with smashed bananas and a dash of cinnamon.  her favorite treat – strawberries!

she has a smile that can brighten your entire world.  and yes, i’m very biased, but it IS true. tee hee

her favorite toy is sophie the giraffe – a total retro toy.

she has found the rhythm to music and dances like no one is watching.  she thinks she can snap her fingers like the big people around her.  she rubs her pointer finger and thumb together  and kicks her feet.  this. is. quite. a. sight. to. see. (i hope she never loses these little personal moments of joy)

she sleeps through the nights.

she is still nursing. and she drinks her water from a sippy cup, big girl style.  oh yeah, she thinks bottles and nuks are toys.  so, buying those were a waste of money.

she can read and is potty trained…ok, i’m just kidding.  tee hee.

her favorite person in the whole wide world is myles.  she lights up when he enters the room and looks for him when he leaves the room.  this truly makes me happy.  i thought their 7 year age gap would make them so unable to relate to each other.  SHE COULDN’T HAVE COME AT A BETTER TIME!

she grabbed myles’ hand while he was sleeping

on another note…i am in so much trouble.  i was so convinced that i would have her pictures taken each month.  i mean, really, why wouldn’t i take her for a monthly snap shot?  we did it for myles and ooops, genesis only got maybe three months worth.  sigh.  anyhoo, through a friend, we found one of the most patient and best photographers in these here parts. i’m in desparate need of visiting her, but i always seem to run out of time in the days, weeks months.  ugh!!! i’ve got to get back there asap.  so, note to andre’, no travel for at least a few weeks. okay? thanks. WE. NEED. PICTURES. NOW. tee hee.  anyhoo, julie, the photographer/baby whisperer can be found here and she put a little post about my lady bug here. (for those of you who clicked the link already…she’s good, huh? )

 Aundrea-Claire Genesis (true meaning of her name:  strong-bright beginning)

inhaling her most favorite treat!

this is all the quick and dirty of what’s going on.  i’ve blown the dust off of this here keyboard and now i’m ready to write.

see ya:) peace in the middle east. rain in spain.

take care



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