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mommy’s day… May 13, 2011

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hope your mommy’s day was good!

let’s see…i ate a full bag of chips (lays – natural, lightly salted) a must have in a cravings time of need. not my normal craving, but it was the first thing i grabbed as we were zooming through the aisles at the market.   no looking at me in that tone of voice, i missed breakfast and lunch and i had to work hard all morning.  tee hee

for most of the day, i hung out with my two best buddies (lady bug and the dude) and chilled in the back yard while dinner (grilled salmon, grilled chicken breast, grilled potatoes and carrots, grilled corn on the cob) was being grilled.  did i mention that the food was grilled?  tasteeeeee

anyhoo, as i relaxed in the tall grass of my back yard and took in the sun, i could have napped for quite some time.  by the way, tall grass is not the look we’re going for, but seeing that i refuse to fire up the lawn mower…for right now at least 

so, i only have a picture with the munchkin.  the “dude” was too busy watching movies to get in on snap shots. 

grilled food, sitting in the tall grass and hanging out with my favorite peeps.  what was even more fun was how much sweet boy kept giving me hugs (really big hugs) all day.  he said he had to make me feel extra special.  in sunday school he made a cute little flower pot and wrote a message of words that were supposed to be descriptive…of me.  his words:  cute and the other side says sexy and it had a little scripture attached to it.  hmmmmm.  i was quite surprised at how observant his choice of adjectives. but who am i to argue with him.  teehee

a gift from the “dude”




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