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SCANDAL!!! October 3, 2013

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I’m supposed to be taking a quick nap, but Scandal is too interesting. Everyone seems to be a fan of Oliva Pope…just as I am. But doggone, I am team crazy wife right now. No affair, let alone a scandal type of an affair would just not be okay. I cannot see myself negotiating on how to spin this to the public. Yeah, I must say that I AM NOT THAT COMPOSED. I am sooooo glad to see that Meli is not weeping and crying and all weak and fragile. Though she may have had her moment at that, but now she’s witch-on-wheels and seeing how this could work for her in the long run (she’s up to something). I’m glad she wasn’t portrayed as all weak and wimpy ‘cuz I would no longer be interested and the writers and creator of the show are all waaay smarter than that. Meli is slick and there is something quite interesting on the horizon…I hope. Fitz better watch it, because a woman scorned is all sorts or team-crazy-wife-witch-on wheels. Okay, so here’s where I switch thoughts for just a moment, Olivia is sharp, cunning, brilliant, emotional, a sharp dressing chick and ready for whatever comes at her at any given moment. She knows she’s wrong for “that”, however, Meli better “bring it”, because she may be no match this sharp and smart and intelligent to the core sistaaaaah.

I’m supposed to be sleeping right now, but this show is good. This is my guilty pleasure salaciousness for the week.

Ssssshhhh, Scandal is back on!!!