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she’s here. she’s here. it’s a sweet sweet girl!!! June 16, 2010

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okay. so i have like two seconds to write until feeding time.  i’m sooooo excited and sleepy. 

i gave birth to a girl and her name is aundrea-claire genesis.  yes, she has like ten names, but i love it.  the name aundrea genesis actually kept coming to me, but i never really actually thought i would get a chance to use it (the name).  she has a part of her dad’s name which is bonus for him.  i really wish that i could say how clever i am in arranging her name for a pretty cool meanig.  nope, i could not have been creative enough to think of putting her name together on my own.  but, it has a really cool meaning and at a very pivotal point in the life of my family.  aundrea (female version of andre’ and it means strong / powerful), claire (means bright) and genesis (means beginning).  so, her name translated is – strong bright beginning!  how cool is that?!

she is lots of fun and very tiny.  she was 5 pounds 8 ounces at birth.  i’m sure she is all of maybe 6 pounds by now.  i know this because she has a very hearty appetite.  she nurses around the clock and sleeps when she’s not eating.  i forget that baby’s are not up for hours waiting to amuse us big people…she’s got sleeping to do!  teehee 

she was quite a peanut at birth and to see her in person, she is still a peanut.  on pictures she looks bigger and older than what she really is.  i tend to have small very adorable babies. 🙂

i have two seconds to finish…but i’ll be back:) 

in the meantime and in between time…here are two of my favorite pics of her.

genesis at two weeks old

genesis at four weeks


the day has arrived… May 17, 2010

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i’m outta here.  soon i will be off to my scheduled delivery….YIKES!!!

i made it, whew…this has been a looooonnnnngggg almost 40 weeks, but thank God it’s here. we’ll be talking with ya soon and we’ll have some new baby stuff to show ya.  yay!!! thanks for the prayers and good vibes!!!

last meal with just mommy and me

until next time,

c, ya

three days and counting… May 14, 2010

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i am soooo high on life right now.  i’m not sure if others of you have ever experienced being really really happy about certain aspects of your life while dealing with some of life’s toughest challenges at the same time.  kinda weird huh? such is life, right?

anyhoo, let’s talk about the high.  i have three days left and just thinking about the new baby is keeping my natural buzz going. the only thing about that is that i feel a bit like i’m in la la land, all buzzed up on life and peeps.  yep, i said it – peeps. you know those colored sugar covered marshmallow things that you buy at easter (we have a small stash in the pantry:)).  yummmm.  i figured that since i only have a few days to give in to every craving that comes to mind…go for the peeps.  sugary goodness.  next…a klondike bar. and then…an avocado with just a bit of salt with lime and tomato.  afternoon delight!

so far, total weight gain for this pregnancy – 16 pounds.  what’s one pound more?  teehee

speaking of being high on life and an extra sixteen pounds- i was sitting on the bed and i happened to look down at my belly and had a fleeting thought of omg, how did my belly get so big?  and then i remembered, oh yeah, i’m pregnant.  yep…i know, i’m a dork.  teehee. so i continued eating my peeps and carried on with whatever it was i was doing. i can’t believe i forgot (for like two seconds) that i’m preggers.

i had my last doc’s appointment yesterday!!! woohoo.  it was weird because for a few months, i was there two times a week and sometimes three times a week.  now i’m free.  all went well at the appointment and all looks great.  the only thing about a scheduled c-section is that there is no surprise, and no water breaking and you don’t get to 1-2-3 push and the baby is here.  i’m not complaining in the least bit, but i must say that the natural way is an experience to be had.  i’m probably just fantasizing because that’s what it was like the first time around (relatively speaking). 

anyhoo, three days and we’ll have pics to post of a sweet little baby that i’m almost sure will look like myles and me.  (just like amber did).  no worries, andre’s contribution will probably be seen somewhere in the toes or fingers or something…teehee

if anything happens before monday…we’ll let ya know

and on the seventh day… May 11, 2010

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baby is a coming in seven days!  yay!!!

can someone tell me where to find that quiet secluded place where pregnant women in their last week of pregnancy go for serenity?  you know, there really should be a place such as that.  a place where we go to do nothing, hear nothing, speak nothing if we don’t want to.  sounds fantastic right?  ‘cuz we all know that the day baby arrives – all the ummmm, what’s the word…fun, yeah, that’s it, all the fun begins!!!

the best part of the no sleep or minimal sleep, nursing every two hours, 2.5 minute showers, 30 second hair-do, 2 minute teeth brushing time, “get my body back” recovery time, spit-up, poop explosions, car-load of baby equipment, foggy brain momma, c-section healing time, not forgetting to use mederma for the scar, not forgetting to eat, eating while nursing without dropping food on the baby, multi-multi-tasking, not knowing what day it is and finally…holding, kissing, loving, appreciating, soaking in the love and smell of this sweet baby.  the latter part of it all makes the rest of it soooooooo worth while.  i’ll take a stitch or two anyday, just to get to the point of being able to hold and smell and love this sweet baby. 

i am going to really enjoy these final few days, because i may never get this chance of a lifetime to give birth again…or will i?  hmmmmmmmm

it is overwhelming and i’m not quite sure why because i’ve done this before. 

anyhoo, as i take time to sleep the days away (mainly because i can hardly keep my eyes open), i shall double check my baby name list (abner or agnes -names at the top of the list), hospital bag, final doc’s appt. and make sure the gas tank is full…i will be poised to go and ready to celebrate and party!!! NEW. BABY. IS. COMING!!!

in the meantime, the woman in this video is going to help get the party started…

this. is. too. funny.  i don’t think i can pop and lock and shake like this even when i’m not pregnant.  check out her skills 🙂

until next time

c ya

spontaneous moments before the calculated countdown… May 9, 2010

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okay, so myles had a photo session with a great photographer the other day.  it was such an easy breezy session.  myles was chilled out and in a comfort zone and she was so cool.

unbeknownst to julie, the surprise for me was that the photos ended up being taken by “the purple flowers”.  i have been pulling the car over everywhere to take pics by “the purple flowers”.  you see, this time every year, there are these purple flowers that bloom on the side of roads and freeways everywhere and they catch my attention.  if i can, i pull over to get a picture of them or with them.  this year was no different except for the fact that there was no good place to pull over.  there were going to be no pictures taken with “the purple flowers” this year…or so i thought.

julie the photographer that took pictures of myles had a plan A for pictures with myles but that quickly changed and plan B came into play.  what joy for me when plan B was right in the heart of a bunch of “the purple flowers”.  yay julie and yay for me.

even though i had no plans of being included in any snap shots that day, i could not resist.  i was sleepy.  i was tired.  i was ready to go home and take a quick rest before the fast approaching delivery date of the new baby.  “the purple flowers” help take the sting out of my to do lists.

i absolutely love candid pictures and those taken in nature settings.  so, as soon as we said good-bye to julie we ran a quick errand and returned right back to the spot that was calling my name.  i pulled out my trusty phone (yes, i said phone not camera:)) and FINALLY…i got my pictures by “the purple flowers”.    very precious and brief spontaneous moments with much thanks to my personal photographer…andre’. 

obviously, a photographer…i am not! but just for my records, these amateur shots will do for me.  these are some of my final spontaneous moments before the very nearing countdown to baby’s arrival.  and yes, i am calculating every minute i have left.  i need more time!!!

by the way, i have no idea the official name of “the purple flowers”

awww sweet?...he was trying to get a yes answer for some candy!

the negotiation...

negotiation settled. i got flowers. he got candy. see the smirk on his face.

chatting with my favorite boy...as always

myles talking to my belly and warning the baby about "the purple flowers"

the color purple - back to my roots hair and all 🙂 teehee

a picture of me six years ago chasing purple flowers while pregnant with my myles

until next time

c, ya…by the way folks, the countdown is really on.  this is the final week!

baby countdown… April 26, 2010

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by the way, i have three weeks to go before baby comes!!!  my first appointment for this week went well and all looks good thus far.  my iron levels are starting to increase…yay!!!  praying for it to be as high as possible. i do not want a blood transufsion so i am inhaling all iron rich foods except for red meat and i’m taking vitamin c to help with the absorption. 

i double checked the birth day plans with the doc and how quickly i can get the heck out of the hospital and get rollin’ rollin’ rollin’. 

i’m so excited.  BUT, the end of it all is going too fast.  i love my round belly bump.  yes, the bump  that’s causing me not to be able to bend forward.  i guess all this fun shall pass in THREE WEEKS.  aaaaahhhhhh!

baby’s coming…baby’s coming!

you wanna know how prepared i am?  i just bought my diaper/baby bag and it’s stuffed with the paper that came with it :).  woohoo.  i think that’s all i need. teehee

just a few weeks to go… April 21, 2010

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okay, so i have just a few weeks to go.  in fact, may 17th at 7:30 am, baby will be on the way.  ready or not may 17th he or she will be in my arms.  yay!!!  though it will be via c-section, so what, who cares…i’m still excited.

a few weeks to go:  i am more than excited as i write this.  but, as i’m looking at my lists, there is a brief moment of panic.  i’m surprised that my heart rate checks are quite normal at my doc’s appt.  GOT. LOTS. TO. DO.  if i don’t clear out all of my spring cleaning junk by thursday, it’s all going to the curb in time for the garbage man. no joke.

a few weeks to go: i’ve got butterflies just thinking about trotting about with two kids in tow.  butterflies, just thinking about smelling the fresh scent of a new baby.  butterflies, just to hold a tiny warm body and snuggle him/her.  butterflies, just to forget about the rest of the world and all the duties that await me as i completely focus on the baby.  oh wait, i’m not sure if i can forget about all else, but it is a nice thought anyway.  butterflies, just thinking about waking up in the middle of the night to soothe the baby and then sitting there holding the baby in the still of the night…just me and the baby. *dreamy sigh*

a few weeks to go:  in the midst of all this baby excitement, life’s challenges are coming fast and furiously.  the happy, the fun, the sad and the disappointing, all at the same time.  oh well, i say.  such is life.  all i can do is breathe, meditate, pray, work on my to do lists and relax.  i can’t stress too much about all the ills of life that’s going on, so i say to it all…oh, well. sounds like a good plan, right?

a few weeks to go and i’ve still not taken studio pics of me and my swollen belly.  i don’t think i’ll get around to that, so these homemade backyard pics will just have to do.  i like them.  it’s me, my boy and my baby belly bump.

big lips and babies pt. 2… April 20, 2010

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okay, so i was preparing to head out to run errands, get the car fixed, pick up a few items, place online orders, and continue the long process of spring cleaning.  these are the things on my to do list.  as i was brushing my teeth before heading out the door i flipped the t.v. to the oprah show.  lo’ and behold it was octomom!  she’s back on t.v.  anyhoo, i was very interested in seeing what ‘ol nadya suleman is up to these days (i’ve nicknamed her big lips and babies ‘cuz, well, you know…she’s got plenty-o-lips  and plenty-o-babies). 

so i took a few minutes to watch the circus that is here life.  i don’t mean that in any way that is demeaning but she even says how crazy it is.  but, i admire the fact that she still has a bit of her sanity left.  oh my gosh, 14 kids from the age of 8 and under with 6 infant/toddlers in the mix.  insert:  head spin!!!!!!! she doesn’t have a partner/husband to take some of the stress and strain that comes with parenting and relying on for simple emotional support, which is sometimes a strain for women with a partner/husband or single moms with only a small amount of kids. i say God bless this poor woman and her brood to be okay and to come out on top. 

i must say that as she was speaking she sounded as if she has taken an introspective and retrospective look at things and knows that she went into this whole situation with thinking that was unrealistic.  she also seems to not be in denial about anything (anymore), but she does seem to be fully aware of the real needs of her family and the long road ahead of her.  i. just. can. not. fathom. the. amount. of. stress.  if i could i would send help to this little village. i’m not even kidding, really, i would.  right now i can’t so, for now, i send my prayers.  i was exhausted just watching the show.

speaking of more children…

as i await the soon to come due date of my new little one, i’m in a whirlwind of emotional highs and lows and brain cell loss and all else that comes with the final countdown.  though my head is still spinning from watching the show with the “little village” that is octomom’s house, i am excited to be adding to my crew too.  bringing new life into the world is beyond amazing and it really is the chance of a lifetime.  i have my myles, my amber (in heaven) and this sweet baby coming in a few weeks.  at one of my last doc appointments the doc that i’ve known for ten years says to me, “we have your c-section scheduled and i want to know if you have considered having a tubiligation?  i just sat there.  he turned around and looked at me to see if i was awake or if i had heard the question.  i was thinking to myself, the nerve of him asking me that question.  he went on to explain to me why he was asking and that if i wanted it done it would be a good idea to do it while he’s doing the c-section.  so, in essence, that would be a tremendous high and low all in the same day.  at least for me it would be. 

that was over a week ago that he asked me that question and i still cannot wrap my brain or emotions around it.  i said to him, “but that’s so…permanent” and he said to me in a very slow answer, “yes, that is the point of it.”  he went on to explain why he mentioned it and within his response he included my age.  ugh! whaddaya mean!!! i am still hot to trot.  “really, my body can still do this, i’ve only gained 12.5 pounds in all and i can still shuck and jive with the best of them” is what i really wanted to tell him (maybe i did say that, i don’t remember).  i am still in shock…how. dare. he. ask. me. that.  the. nerve.  i say that tongue in cheek  because i really do trust his opinions or suggestion.  he is a good doc and is leaving the decision up to me.  plus, if i left it up to him, he would be slicin’ and dicin’.

do i want more babies?  hmmmmmmm

the next time he asks me to confirm whether i am going to have the surgery or not…my answer, “if you touch my tubes you die!”  teehee. just kidding, kind of. 

i wonder if other women have had this much trouble deciding on whether or not to chop the tubes, burn the ends of them or whatever it is that they do while you’re under the knife.

speaking of my doc, he’s just concerned. speaking of me, i. am. freaked. out!!!!!! i. want. my. tubes!!!! i want them even if i don’t want more children.  do i want more children? i don’t know.  i wonder if men have the same trepidation when presented with the “opportunity” to have someone introduce a surgical knife to their woohoos? 

listen up doc, i am not the octomom, i don’t have the brood that i want yet.  back off my tube, man!

until next time,

c ya…hopefully with tubes in tow

give me back that filet-o-fish… February 24, 2010

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so, it really is true that while pregnant, you do get some cravings – weird or otherwise.  at least once a week i have a day that i crave gross, greasy, sugar filled, syrupy, fast food or something other weirdly. today was that day.  as i was sitting watching t.v., the crazy mcdonald’s commercial came on about the filet-o-fish.  i promise you that i am so not into fake unrecognizable food items, at least not since i left elementary school where we were served mock chicken legs with tan gravy.  but this was crazy catchy and i was craving wierd enough to get me interested…

 but, i must say that this filet-o-fish got my taste buds going.  i actually wanted a filet-o-fish from mcdonald’s along with a large coke with lots of ice.  yummmmmmmmm.  can you sing give me back that filet-o-fish with me.  i’m hooked, on the commercial that is.  i have yet to drive up to mickey d’s to “gimme that fish”.  can you say the power of marketing.  i’ve been sucked in like all the other folks. 

i have 12 weeks to go before i can dive into a large coke with lots of ice.  yummmmmmm.  but, i may have to hold off on that filet-o-fish, mainly because i don’t know what it is, yet.  you know, sord of like the mock chicken leg with tan gravy. the more i talk about the fish, the more i want it, whether that’s a good thing or not…i dunno.

baby’s doing fine… February 11, 2010

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had another doc’s appointment and all is well!  strong heartbeat.  lots of movement.  growing well. sounding great.

i, the mommy, am doing well and feeling pretty good.  i got on the scale at the doc’s office and lo’ and behold, i’ve lost 3 pounds.  at the beginning of january i had gained altogether 8 or 9 pounds.  at the end of january i was at a total weight gain of 12 pounds altogether.  today’s appointment…i’m back down to a total weight gain of 9 pounds.  i was concerned a little bit because i thought maybe this would affect the baby or that i am sick and don’t know it.  nope!  whew!  all is well with the baby but i’m not sure what is up with my body.  i’m less mobile and eating more fats (healthy fats…you know, for baby’s brain dev.), or at least i thought. oh well, whatever, baby and mommy are doing well regardless of my shrinking bu-donk-a-donk!!! teehee

update in two weeks!


my baby is super cute… February 5, 2010

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this is not a 3-d image, but i can totally see some very familiar features.  maybe it’s just me but i bet he or she will look like myles!  this. is. an. amazing. picture!!! (if you can’t tell already, i’m easily amused and impressed)

my sweet baby at 24 weeks...

okay, so, i went for another ultrasound and all is well!!! yay!!!

baby is growing nicely and all organs and features and stuff all look really good!

i’m up 12 pounds and am six months along.  wait, rewind, did i just say 12 pounds!!!  anyhoo, i’ve been told by the docs that i’m on track and things look good.  these are the only 12 pounds that i have ever enjoyed and flaunted. 

the movement checks that i have to do can sometimes be a bit nerve wracking!!! mostly because i am thinking about it around the clock…literally.  that’s not how the doc told me to do movement checks, but that’s just where i am with all of this.

i’m having fun being pregnant and myles is making sure that he takes great care of me.  sweet sigh.  what a precious boy he is. 

as the due date time draws closer, i’m trying to soak it all in.  i would love to have five, yes, five children.  but, the time is also drawing near on these here eggs of mine.  so, i may not make it to five children that i, myself, give birth to, but i will enjoy the dickens out of the ones God blesses me with.   can’t wait to smell sweet baby skin!!!

anyhoo, gotta go…my avocados and tomatoes are calling my name.  by the way, now that i cannot have caffeine, i am sooooo craving a really large coke with ice.  yummmmmm.

doing fine… January 13, 2010

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so, i had yet another doc’s appointment for the baby.  all is well and the heartbeat was going strong!!!! yay

i will be meeting with the doc every two weeks and i was told that as of my 30th  week i will have to go to the doc’s office twice a week for heart checks, movements and such.  it seems like a lot but, a small price for the health of the baby

from now on, i have to do movement checks everyday at home to make sure the baby is swimming around fine inside.  at first it sord of took my breath away and i did not want to have a constant reminder of what could be.  so, i’ll be doing my movement checks and deep breathing through it and smiling with every kick and movement

i think being pregnant is the most amazing, fascinating and fun thing , ever.  it’s really interesting how much we sometimes take pregnancy for granted.  it’s a miracle and sacrifice for any woman to conceive, carry a baby in her womb and deliver with both baby and mom healthy and well at the end of it all.  it’s a blessing and extremely fortunate that that is the case.  women really do sacrifice their body and their health AND all of us mommies are happy to make the sacrifice.  and i’m not just saying this because i’m hoping for a push present at the end of it all:).  teehee.  in case you don’t know what a push present is, it’s when your loved one/spouse lovingly presents you with a trinket of some sort for all your blood sweat and tears.  depends on your budget, this trinket could be shiny and bling-like or depends on your preference and taste this trinket could come in a preferred pair of 3 inch heels of some sort:).  it’s not all about the push present but, i’m just saying:)… 

anyhoo, i am grateful and will relish in this miracle that i am experiencing

i will be 22 weeks on sunday, i’ve gained about nine pounds in baby weight and feeling fine.  no food really tastes good to me these days but, i discovered that yogurt does not give me that yucky after taste in my mouth.  so what did i do?  added blueberries and strawberries and smoked turkey(on the side) and inhaled it all as if it was my last meal.  trying not to be an oink oink piggy, i’m going to wait one hour and continue the chow fest.  it may not sound like a lot but, you should have seen how much of each of those things i ate.  when pregnant, i don’t think you have to count serving sizes, right? teehee

until next time…