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mail mine to haiti and pakistan…please May 9, 2010

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okay, so i have to end the week with a cute little story about you know who…myles, of course.

today was the day for stamp out hunger with the postal service.  you know – the post card you get in the mail that lets you know that your friendly neighborhood postal worker will be dropping off your mail and collecting food  for food banks around the area. 

so, we packed some bags of food to share and started to head out to the mail box to drop them there. before going there myles said that he had to label the bags before we left them at the curb.  label the bags?  not sure what he meant but he asked for a sharpie marker and needed my help holding the bags while he wrote his labels on each bag.  on one bag he wrote the word haiti and on another bag he wrote the word pakistan.  he alternated…two bags for haiti and two bags for pakistan.  (he got a little help with the spelling).  i was impressed.  though, i did not know he was going to do this or i would have evened the bags out a bit.  it looks as if in one of pakistan’s bags they will be getting one tall box of rice crispies:). 

anyhoo, i thought it was kinda funny because i never even thought twice about where these food items were going to be going.  i just assumed it would be some food bank nearby.  but, of course, myles never leaving anything to chance, made sure that the post office who delivers everywhere could definitely deliver this food to the properly addressed country (no address required :)). 

i love his thoughtfulness!  seriously, kids have a way of making us think a bit before we do or even as we do things. 

so instead of his heart and thoughts for wanting to help other people simply reach people down the street to the nearest food bank, i’m sure that one day his heart for helping others will go the extra mile all the way to haiti, pakistan or somewhere else needed.

he makes my heart swell. sigh.


green eggs and ham… March 5, 2010

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this week at myles’ school, they’ve been celebrating dr. suess’s birthday with different stories and boooks.  so, i thought it would be fun to carry out some bit of activity at home. un, un…what was i thinking…

green eggs for breakfast, yummmm (or maybe not).  dr. suess’s birthday is a good reason to bring the week to a close with a breakfast of green eggs and ham (or in our house…turkey sausage)!  you’ve all heard the story, i’m sure.  so anyhoo, i told myles that he was going to have a surprise breakfast and he was excited.  well, that excitement quickly turned to disappointment, just like SAM I AM.  he looked at the plate and immediately made the gesture as if he was going to throw up.  he asked, “what kind of surprise is this?”   i think it’s safe to say that he does not like green eggs and ham he does not like them…sam, he sord of was for the moment.  we started laughing a little  bit because the moment and the expression on his face was too funny and too priceless.  why did we do that (laugh that is)?  he stormed off with tears in his eyes as if we were playing some kind of cruel joke on him. 

the offensive breakfast of green eggs and...

i must admit, the strange looking green eggs turned me off a bit too, but i thought that a six year old boy would definitely get a kick out of it.  not!!! so, the eggs were promptly removed from his plate and he peacefully enjoyed his turkey sausage (which were not green) wheat toast and milk.  i asked myles, “so, i guess you’re like Sam I Am in the book, huh?”  without skipping a beat he told me no, because sam ends up eating them at the end of the story.  that was my big hint that he had no intentions on eating green eggs…in the end or any other time. 

no more weird colored food or “cruel jokes” (for now at least:)).  tonight we’ll snuggle up and watch the movie “horton hears a hoo”.  i’m running on very little creative juices here, so, i’ll pop some corn and hide some little “hoo” candies in the popcorn.  the bonus is that i don’t have to read the book because he loves to follow along with the book while the movie plays.  i really would read him the story at bedtime, but…momma is tired these days.

it’s fun to surprise myles with these little moments.  i see now that i am not going to always hit the mark with my so called creativity.  what’s interesting though is that he likes when i make bug juice and mud desert with bugs and worms sticking out of it.  he calls that cool.  but green eggs…defintinely offensive to him.  go figure.

until next time

c ya

odor, sweet odor… March 3, 2010

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because i’m with child, every weird or not so weird smell sends my stomach into a complete turnabout mode.  that is especially true when i first wake up.  as i slowly woke up this morning (is 3:00 am really morning?) my stomach was turning and i felt like i was choking on what sort of smelled like ben gay or something like it.  it was so strong that i could not figure out where it was coming from.  ick.  i could not stand it!  i rolled over to the other side of my pillow and here’s what i found…

all over my pillow were these sweet notes.  obviously, my myles found the sharpie markers (which he loves to write with) and decided to make his dear mommy smile.  though these sweet notes were the sweetest little love gesture from my six year old, i found myself beaming from ear to ear, high on sharpie markers and nearly running to bathroom hoping not to upchuck from the pungent odor of markers.

i neatly put all five of his little sticky notes in a plastic sleeve for my binder of keepsakes. i figured i could contain the smell and hold on to my notes to show him i really appreciate him.

anyhoo, it’s really neat to see that what you do with and for your children come back to you.  i’m always sticking little notes here and there for him and letting him know how special he is.  i always hoped, not really knowing if my little words were having an effect on him.  well, apparently they are and that makes my heart smile.

until next time

c ya

you shouldn’t smoke weed…it’s full of rat poison! February 1, 2010

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okay, so i almost could not contain myself as i hid my face behind a small chapter book of my six year old myles.  the title of the book – horrible harry and the green slime…rated G. really, it is…i checked.

after reading the book i quizzed myles on each chapter.  i asked him to run through the chapters with me and explain what went on.  as we came upon one of the chapters entitled “deadly skits” he began to explain to me the details of this chapter.  basically this particular chapter was about how the principal of the school wanted the children to make a presentation about how cigarettes are not good for you.  one of the groups in the class decided that they were going to do a skit on how cigarettes can kill you.  as he (myles) first started explaining the chapter, he said that the kids were going to do a skit on smoking weed.  ummmm, silence. pause. huh? so i said, “what do you mean smoking weed and what is weed anyway.  by the way, we’ve already had the d.a.r.e talk, drugs are bad for you, the prescription drugs and the street drugs conversation with him.  anyhoo, he said that the picture in the book (which was a picture of a cigarette) was a picture of weed.  mind you i was still wondering why he was using the street name of weed and not marijuana or something else.  so, he went on this little rant about how people shouldn’t smoke weed because it’s bad for you and you could die.  “plus”, he said, “it has rat poison it.”  then he added, “our neighbors smoke weed and they are sick.”  “they are going to be really sick and they have rat poison in their body.” 

as i listened while hiding behind this book of his trying not to laugh out loud, i had to peer over the book to see his expression as he had his his teeny tiny “soap box” moment.  we picked his brain a bit to see if he was clear on cigarettes and “weed”.  according to him, if you’re smoking, you’re smoking “weed”. any smoking is smoking “weed”.  though we tried to explain to him that there is a difference between cigarettes and “weed” he said, “okay”, and continued with his conversation. 

this was a conversation that i never thought i’d have, at least not this early in his very very young life.   imagine, a six year old who reads way too well, thinks that he knows way too much, interprets the world through the eyes of a sheltered six year old and acts like an old soul.  he has advanced in his verbiage a bit –  he use to say that people that were smoking were “cigretting”.  you know, like dancing, singing, laughing…cigretting.  he didn’t know that it was called smoking.  i once felt that he still had a tad bit of his innocence and ignorance to the world when he asked me about the neighbor cigretting.  i breathed a little sigh of relief knowing that he wasn’t quite sure what “smoking” was…or so i though.  sigh.  sigh.  exasperated sigh.  that thought no longer holds true. big “what the heck” sigh.

i would blame his knowledge of cigarettes filled with  rat poison and “weed” being bad for you on the day we let the t.v. play more than pbs.  but that reasoning will hardly work.  or will it? 

one day he saw a public service announcement about a girl home alone being questioned about smoking weed.  it was not even time for prime time shows or prime time commercials and this was on t.v.  i could not turn the t.v. fast enough before he was already repeating the words…”why is lindsey smoking weed?” ummmm, huh? what?!!! ummm, how did i answer? i don’t remember but i’m sure i’ve never had to think so fast on my feet…ever! 

and then, he saw the scare tactic t.r.u.t.h. commercials that try to give hard core evidence to people who smoke, how horrific cigarettes and “cigretting” is.  yet again, he soaked it in like a sponge. 

i have a kid who can repeat a song after hearing it one time, reads big words that i sometimes wished he didn’t know yet, soaks everything in and gives his six year old boy version of a passionate speech or plea or his version of how the world works.  so, what makes me think that he wouldn’t be giving people the “what for” about how they should not “cigrette” or smoke “weed”.  i’m almost afraid of what he’s going to say to the neighbors the next time he sees them smoking.  because he’s not shy and is way too comfy standing on his on in speaking with adults, he will probably let them know that the “weed” things they’re smoking are full of rat poison (important note:  my neighbors do not smoke “weed” they smoke cigarettes.  so, no…my neighbors are not pot smokers.  although, they might have a case of black lung:().  i tell you one thing, this little speech of his would definitely be more embarrassing for them, especally because he talks a wee bit loud sometimes.  as i’ve learned am learning to reign my soap box moments in a bit more, he too will learn how to do this as well one day.  anyhoo, at least he hates people “cigretting” as much as i do. 

sigh of relief…no real book report required!

in the mean time, i urge all of you to not go out “cigretting on your weed sticks”

until next time


i feel like a woman… February 24, 2009

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one day some woman is going to get a fine catch!!! i mean that in every sense of the word. i’ve been much of a vigilante about educating myself on all things boys to man.   i’ve learned a few things about boys and supposedly from the ages of five to eight are a boys kind years.  i can sord of believe it given that my little one has taken to being a miniature gentleman.  so, all of you men folks take note…

as i’m walkng up the stairs, he’ll step aside and tell me “after you”. 

when a guest is coming into our house, he tips his hat to them and starts speaking in some faux french language:)

when he wants something…he begs or whines nicely and remembers to say please at the end of it:) this is like nails on a chalkboard to me and i turn him down.  gotta let him down easy, right?

when he wants to show me love he says, give me your cheek so i can kiss you:) and then he reminds me of the items he would like added to his birthday list:)

when trying to show me that he’s a “man” he says, “mommy, i’m  going to feed you like a man feed womans“.  then he reminds me that i’m in great tiny little hands by saying, “i’m going to always treat you like womans are supposed to be treated.  i’m going to feed you and buy you jewelry.”  awwwwwww!

 i find it quite endearing that he wants to treat me like womans are supposed to be treated.  when was the last time you were treated like womans should be treated?

i dare not correct him on the the word womans because it’s just too darn cute.

say it loud…i’m brown and i’m proud!!! (a la james brown) November 4, 2008

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if you open your eyes and drop your guard long enough, you can get a better perspective on things, ya know. 

my five year old never ceases to amaze me.  i know that i talk about him lots, but, you really have to be around him a while and you too would say that he is worth the conversation:)

so, lately, he seems to be really proud of the fact that he’s brown.  proud, as if he just discovered that he is brown and is truly fascinated by this.  when he looks at television and sees other brown people like him he would proudly shout out, “they’re brown like me!” it was quite funny at first and surprising to hear him say it (as if he had never seen another brown person before).  anyhoo, i was very proud of him for embracing the beauty in being brown.  and for that, i can take no credit.

we took a bit of a vacation to texas and we visited friends that are family to him and us.  we were at a market and myles looked around and asked me, “mommy, do all brown people live in texas?”  though i didn’t notice, he certainly did.  i guess, where we live, he wasn’t used to being in the market surrounded by many of his fellow brown people.  this is the kind of stuff that i take for granted and have simply lived with difference.  i really didn’t think much about when the topic would come up, with him.

anyhoo, as election day approaches and i tell him how exciting it is to vote and i let him know that when he is 18 years old, he too, can vote.  i tell him that he will get to vote for whomever he wants.  he then asks me, “who are you going to vote for?”  as i try to adhere to what my mom told me “your ballot is all your own and you don’t have to tell anyone”, i explain to him that i’m going to keep my ballot a secret.  he then proudly informs me (even though he’s only five) “i’m going to vote for barack obama!”  surprised and interested in picking his brain, i ask him, “why are you going to vote for him, myles?” he says, “i’m going to vote for him because he’s brown like me.”  he then continued to play with his trains.  my silent response:  there goes that brown pride thing again.  i guess people really do relate more to people that look like them…tiny tots and all.

i realized a couple different things, i felt a little weird and almost inept that i did not purposely speak to him about what it means to be a proud little brown person.  but i’m not sure if that is something that any of us were taught.  perhaps it’s learned from one’s environment.  i’m not sure. but for some reason he has it.  he has pride and confidence.  although, there was one day (earlier in the school year) that he came home wondering about not being brown.  it was kind of a sad conversation because in his homework folder, there was a picture that he drew of two people.  one of the people had a sad face.  i asked him why the one person was sad and he responded as he pointed to the sad face person, “he doesn’t like to be different”.  that indeed, was a hard moment for me.  so i guess, through that conversation, maybe i instilled in him something that stayed within him.

it really just goes to show that it is innate that most people just want to relate to something that is familiar to them, that looks or reflects them.  don’t ya think? 

whenever he gets excited about something, i make sure that i explore, celebrate and make a big deal for him.  as is with this election season.  he somehow understands the shift, within people, that is happening in our country and he is passionate about it. 

out of the mouths of babes, you will hear some surprising and honest stuff.  over these past few months we’ve had the news on, nonstop.  yes, you can be attributed that to me, the news junkie.  anyhoo, he’s asking lots of questions and seemingly understanding most of the answers.

i can’t wait to see what this kid does in and for this world we live in. 

he’s proud to be brown and i’m proud of him.  he recently heard the term – african american, and he did not know what it meant.  so he asked me, “mommy am i an african brown boy?” my response…oh, what a beautiful little african brown baby you are!”


mommy’s day… May 12, 2008

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i’m sure that moms all over the world are being celebrated in one way or another. from the sweet and simple to the ultra elaborate.  it can be a really fun day for those with little ones like my little boobear (one day he’ll get me for that name).  he wrote a song for me that included the words mommy, momma, i, love and hmmmm, hmmmm, hmmmm.  a new ipod favorite! (teehee)

if you’re reading this and you’re a mommy – HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO YOU!!! i will spend the rest of the evening hanging out with my little buddy and thinking about my little angel in heaven.

who could resist this face to chase away the blues

the end of a work day and the beginning of a play date with this guy!