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mail mine to haiti and pakistan…please May 9, 2010

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okay, so i have to end the week with a cute little story about you know who…myles, of course.

today was the day for stamp out hunger with the postal service.  you know – the post card you get in the mail that lets you know that your friendly neighborhood postal worker will be dropping off your mail and collecting food  for food banks around the area. 

so, we packed some bags of food to share and started to head out to the mail box to drop them there. before going there myles said that he had to label the bags before we left them at the curb.  label the bags?  not sure what he meant but he asked for a sharpie marker and needed my help holding the bags while he wrote his labels on each bag.  on one bag he wrote the word haiti and on another bag he wrote the word pakistan.  he alternated…two bags for haiti and two bags for pakistan.  (he got a little help with the spelling).  i was impressed.  though, i did not know he was going to do this or i would have evened the bags out a bit.  it looks as if in one of pakistan’s bags they will be getting one tall box of rice crispies:). 

anyhoo, i thought it was kinda funny because i never even thought twice about where these food items were going to be going.  i just assumed it would be some food bank nearby.  but, of course, myles never leaving anything to chance, made sure that the post office who delivers everywhere could definitely deliver this food to the properly addressed country (no address required :)). 

i love his thoughtfulness!  seriously, kids have a way of making us think a bit before we do or even as we do things. 

so instead of his heart and thoughts for wanting to help other people simply reach people down the street to the nearest food bank, i’m sure that one day his heart for helping others will go the extra mile all the way to haiti, pakistan or somewhere else needed.

he makes my heart swell. sigh.


baby countdown… April 26, 2010

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by the way, i have three weeks to go before baby comes!!!  my first appointment for this week went well and all looks good thus far.  my iron levels are starting to increase…yay!!!  praying for it to be as high as possible. i do not want a blood transufsion so i am inhaling all iron rich foods except for red meat and i’m taking vitamin c to help with the absorption. 

i double checked the birth day plans with the doc and how quickly i can get the heck out of the hospital and get rollin’ rollin’ rollin’. 

i’m so excited.  BUT, the end of it all is going too fast.  i love my round belly bump.  yes, the bump  that’s causing me not to be able to bend forward.  i guess all this fun shall pass in THREE WEEKS.  aaaaahhhhhh!

baby’s coming…baby’s coming!

you wanna know how prepared i am?  i just bought my diaper/baby bag and it’s stuffed with the paper that came with it :).  woohoo.  i think that’s all i need. teehee

just a few weeks to go… April 21, 2010

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okay, so i have just a few weeks to go.  in fact, may 17th at 7:30 am, baby will be on the way.  ready or not may 17th he or she will be in my arms.  yay!!!  though it will be via c-section, so what, who cares…i’m still excited.

a few weeks to go:  i am more than excited as i write this.  but, as i’m looking at my lists, there is a brief moment of panic.  i’m surprised that my heart rate checks are quite normal at my doc’s appt.  GOT. LOTS. TO. DO.  if i don’t clear out all of my spring cleaning junk by thursday, it’s all going to the curb in time for the garbage man. no joke.

a few weeks to go: i’ve got butterflies just thinking about trotting about with two kids in tow.  butterflies, just thinking about smelling the fresh scent of a new baby.  butterflies, just to hold a tiny warm body and snuggle him/her.  butterflies, just to forget about the rest of the world and all the duties that await me as i completely focus on the baby.  oh wait, i’m not sure if i can forget about all else, but it is a nice thought anyway.  butterflies, just thinking about waking up in the middle of the night to soothe the baby and then sitting there holding the baby in the still of the night…just me and the baby. *dreamy sigh*

a few weeks to go:  in the midst of all this baby excitement, life’s challenges are coming fast and furiously.  the happy, the fun, the sad and the disappointing, all at the same time.  oh well, i say.  such is life.  all i can do is breathe, meditate, pray, work on my to do lists and relax.  i can’t stress too much about all the ills of life that’s going on, so i say to it all…oh, well. sounds like a good plan, right?

a few weeks to go and i’ve still not taken studio pics of me and my swollen belly.  i don’t think i’ll get around to that, so these homemade backyard pics will just have to do.  i like them.  it’s me, my boy and my baby belly bump.

sleeping cutie… April 7, 2010

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okay, so it was 4:3oish a.m. and andre’s alarm sounded off (beep, beep, beep, beep).  anyhoo, myles had come in to snuggle with me but had pretty much fallen back asleep.  as the alarm goes off and without even moving or opening his eyes myles says, “good morning dad” and then he continued to sleep.  it was cute and funny how he did that.  and i know that he was really sleeping because the very moment after he said those words…he was snoring. 

i know that was pretty random but it was toooo cute.  had to share. these days, everything is super sentimental to me…i blame it on being pregnant.  teehee

kisses with no strings attached…??? February 18, 2010

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so, on valentine’s day afternoon, i was taking a quick nap when my myles came to me and said/gave.  i opened my eyes and he was standing above me, proudly holding something in his hands and smiling.  naturally,  i wondered, “what was he up to?”

he had gone downstairs to the kitchen pantry, climbed on a step stool, grabbed a heaping hand full of hershey kisses and found his way to where i was napping…

he opened his hands…

dumped the hershey kisses all over me…

and said, “i’m showering you with kisses for valentine’s day”…

needless to say, we shared the yummy chocolate treats until they were all gone.  (i’m betting, that was part of his goal :)) i don’t normally eat much chocolate, but these were surprisingly good – hershey kisses meltaways

the moment was priceless!  and of course, i thought he was told to do that by his dad.  NOPE.  i found out yesterday that he did not even know what myles was up to and figured i had sent him to the candy container. NOPE.  anyhoo, he said myles didn’t ask for help and this sweet little mission of his was of his own doing.

 i. loved. it!!! it was sweet, a precious moment, simple, to the point and a slick way to get what you want while melting his momma’s heart, all at the same time.

some woman is going to be really fortunate…i’ve got a “miniature romantic” in the making.  teehee

until next time

c ya