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dang, girl…where have you been? May 1, 2011

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okay, so i’ve been… not writing. OBVIOUSLY.  actually, i HAVE been writing (in my head).  i’ve been homeschooling.  i’ve been taking care of a new baby.  i’ve been walking around half asleep.  i’ve been a little bit tired.  i’ve been keeping up with my husband’s in town and out-of-town work schedule.  i’ve been washing dishes and doing laundry. i’ve been singing.   i’ve been driving.  i’ve been out of town a little here and a little there.  i’ve been working on something really really really really cool.  i’ve been consumed with all that gives me energy and drains me all at the same time.  i’ve been doing what i’ve gotta do.  that list of what i’ve been doing seems small, however, it involves lots of details  details  details.

don’t cry for me argentina because it’s a mixed bag of the joys, the highs, the scary, the mundane, the mending, the healing, the miracles and so on and so forth.  to simply put it…i’ve been LIVING life.  my life, i’m sure, is no different than lots of ceo moms around these parts.  i just made that up  – CEO Mom.  kinda catchy, yeah?

well, anyhoo, believe it or not my lady bug is nearly one year old.  in exactly 17 days she will be ONE!!!  just to say those words puts my stomach in knots.  it has been  a miracle of a year.  it was a miracle to even have her enter my world.  so, to make it to this point is an even greater miracle…for me.

her stats:  she weighs about 11.5 lbs.  she is a little peanut.  of course you would not know it because she thinks she can hang with her 7 year old brother.  fortunately, she still fits a lot of her clothes.  unfortunately, her tiny pants sometimes fall right off of her little booty. too funny.

she has a bit of hair, not too much.  she has her dad’s hairline which truly cracks me up.  she looks so much like him all the way down to the hair line which dips back a bit…if you know what i mean.

no teeth yet. but she sure can gum some food.

she can talk (baby talk, of course).  words used most often – num, daaaad, maaa maaaa, ay (when she’s calling her brother), lots of squealing and squeaking.  she can sign language the words more, thank you, eat, yummy.  she blows kisses, if she feels like it. and she blows rasberries more than kisses.

she’s crawling and walking if you hold her hand.  perhaps she’ll go solo by birthday time.  if not, no rush.  really!

her favorite food is homemade oatmeal with smashed bananas and a dash of cinnamon.  her favorite treat – strawberries!

she has a smile that can brighten your entire world.  and yes, i’m very biased, but it IS true. tee hee

her favorite toy is sophie the giraffe – a total retro toy.

she has found the rhythm to music and dances like no one is watching.  she thinks she can snap her fingers like the big people around her.  she rubs her pointer finger and thumb together  and kicks her feet.  this. is. quite. a. sight. to. see. (i hope she never loses these little personal moments of joy)

she sleeps through the nights.

she is still nursing. and she drinks her water from a sippy cup, big girl style.  oh yeah, she thinks bottles and nuks are toys.  so, buying those were a waste of money.

she can read and is potty trained…ok, i’m just kidding.  tee hee.

her favorite person in the whole wide world is myles.  she lights up when he enters the room and looks for him when he leaves the room.  this truly makes me happy.  i thought their 7 year age gap would make them so unable to relate to each other.  SHE COULDN’T HAVE COME AT A BETTER TIME!

she grabbed myles’ hand while he was sleeping

on another note…i am in so much trouble.  i was so convinced that i would have her pictures taken each month.  i mean, really, why wouldn’t i take her for a monthly snap shot?  we did it for myles and ooops, genesis only got maybe three months worth.  sigh.  anyhoo, through a friend, we found one of the most patient and best photographers in these here parts. i’m in desparate need of visiting her, but i always seem to run out of time in the days, weeks months.  ugh!!! i’ve got to get back there asap.  so, note to andre’, no travel for at least a few weeks. okay? thanks. WE. NEED. PICTURES. NOW. tee hee.  anyhoo, julie, the photographer/baby whisperer can be found here and she put a little post about my lady bug here. (for those of you who clicked the link already…she’s good, huh? )

 Aundrea-Claire Genesis (true meaning of her name:  strong-bright beginning)

inhaling her most favorite treat!

this is all the quick and dirty of what’s going on.  i’ve blown the dust off of this here keyboard and now i’m ready to write.

see ya:) peace in the middle east. rain in spain.

take care


you shouldn’t smoke weed…it’s full of rat poison! February 1, 2010

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okay, so i almost could not contain myself as i hid my face behind a small chapter book of my six year old myles.  the title of the book – horrible harry and the green slime…rated G. really, it is…i checked.

after reading the book i quizzed myles on each chapter.  i asked him to run through the chapters with me and explain what went on.  as we came upon one of the chapters entitled “deadly skits” he began to explain to me the details of this chapter.  basically this particular chapter was about how the principal of the school wanted the children to make a presentation about how cigarettes are not good for you.  one of the groups in the class decided that they were going to do a skit on how cigarettes can kill you.  as he (myles) first started explaining the chapter, he said that the kids were going to do a skit on smoking weed.  ummmm, silence. pause. huh? so i said, “what do you mean smoking weed and what is weed anyway.  by the way, we’ve already had the d.a.r.e talk, drugs are bad for you, the prescription drugs and the street drugs conversation with him.  anyhoo, he said that the picture in the book (which was a picture of a cigarette) was a picture of weed.  mind you i was still wondering why he was using the street name of weed and not marijuana or something else.  so, he went on this little rant about how people shouldn’t smoke weed because it’s bad for you and you could die.  “plus”, he said, “it has rat poison it.”  then he added, “our neighbors smoke weed and they are sick.”  “they are going to be really sick and they have rat poison in their body.” 

as i listened while hiding behind this book of his trying not to laugh out loud, i had to peer over the book to see his expression as he had his his teeny tiny “soap box” moment.  we picked his brain a bit to see if he was clear on cigarettes and “weed”.  according to him, if you’re smoking, you’re smoking “weed”. any smoking is smoking “weed”.  though we tried to explain to him that there is a difference between cigarettes and “weed” he said, “okay”, and continued with his conversation. 

this was a conversation that i never thought i’d have, at least not this early in his very very young life.   imagine, a six year old who reads way too well, thinks that he knows way too much, interprets the world through the eyes of a sheltered six year old and acts like an old soul.  he has advanced in his verbiage a bit –  he use to say that people that were smoking were “cigretting”.  you know, like dancing, singing, laughing…cigretting.  he didn’t know that it was called smoking.  i once felt that he still had a tad bit of his innocence and ignorance to the world when he asked me about the neighbor cigretting.  i breathed a little sigh of relief knowing that he wasn’t quite sure what “smoking” was…or so i though.  sigh.  sigh.  exasperated sigh.  that thought no longer holds true. big “what the heck” sigh.

i would blame his knowledge of cigarettes filled with  rat poison and “weed” being bad for you on the day we let the t.v. play more than pbs.  but that reasoning will hardly work.  or will it? 

one day he saw a public service announcement about a girl home alone being questioned about smoking weed.  it was not even time for prime time shows or prime time commercials and this was on t.v.  i could not turn the t.v. fast enough before he was already repeating the words…”why is lindsey smoking weed?” ummmm, huh? what?!!! ummm, how did i answer? i don’t remember but i’m sure i’ve never had to think so fast on my feet…ever! 

and then, he saw the scare tactic t.r.u.t.h. commercials that try to give hard core evidence to people who smoke, how horrific cigarettes and “cigretting” is.  yet again, he soaked it in like a sponge. 

i have a kid who can repeat a song after hearing it one time, reads big words that i sometimes wished he didn’t know yet, soaks everything in and gives his six year old boy version of a passionate speech or plea or his version of how the world works.  so, what makes me think that he wouldn’t be giving people the “what for” about how they should not “cigrette” or smoke “weed”.  i’m almost afraid of what he’s going to say to the neighbors the next time he sees them smoking.  because he’s not shy and is way too comfy standing on his on in speaking with adults, he will probably let them know that the “weed” things they’re smoking are full of rat poison (important note:  my neighbors do not smoke “weed” they smoke cigarettes.  so, no…my neighbors are not pot smokers.  although, they might have a case of black lung:().  i tell you one thing, this little speech of his would definitely be more embarrassing for them, especally because he talks a wee bit loud sometimes.  as i’ve learned am learning to reign my soap box moments in a bit more, he too will learn how to do this as well one day.  anyhoo, at least he hates people “cigretting” as much as i do. 

sigh of relief…no real book report required!

in the mean time, i urge all of you to not go out “cigretting on your weed sticks”

until next time


hurdle accomplished!!! January 10, 2010

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so, we are at the halfway mark!!! woohoo and whew!!! i am counting every milestone and waiting to exhale:)  we had an appointment with the genetic counselor and a very long ultrasound and stuff.  all blood work is in (for now) and things look great.  my healthy family history is on my side, so that helps.  my great health is on my side as well.  the ultrasound was fantastic.  all i wanted to see was the heartbeat and i was good to go.  i nearly fell asleep during the extra long ultrasound and after i saw the beautiful beating heart!!!

as we approached this date to see the high risk doctor, i was a bit on edge.  as we sat down to speak with the genetics counselor, tears came down and i was quite anxious.  so far, during this pregnancy, i have been calm and holding my breath.  i’m excited and anxious for the due date to get here, but, i needed to let out some of the anxiety that i have been feeling, internally.  fortunately, she (genetics counselor) knew our situation and she was very understanding (thank God!).  for the first time in quite some time, i did not feel guilty for having those anxious feelings and the care of all the staff helped the visit to be a bit comforting.  side note:  i have been blessed with the best ob/gyn docs and this new added staff of docs and such are all more than a girl could ask for. 

so anyhoo, i sat in the chair, she asked her first few questions, i panicked, looked at andre’ and bam, out of no where the tears fell and i could not breath.  needless to say, that was a long time coming.  although, i say that my anxious moment had a bit to do with the fact that i’ve been on bed rest for 4 days feeling like i was contracting and dealing with round ligament stuff.  but, it’s all good!!!  yay!!!

the baby is muy bonita – beautiful!!! she or he was moving lots for the camera and showing off some of his or her tricks for the docs.  i am starting to actually feel more movement these days.  i am glowing or greasy, take your pick (thanks to the baby) and  i am healthy (thanks to multi-vitamins and cheerios.  i’ve now got a little more junk in my badunkadunk and cleavage that is the envy of all cup sizes under a D 🙂 bahaahaha.  and i owe my increasingly rounding figure to this wonderful baby below…

my very limber beautiful baby 🙂

so, i will be at the doc’s office often enough until may 23rd.  i just realized something, i don’t have to await an estmated due date because they told me that i HAVE to have a c-section.  “really?”  i keep asking them and “yes”, is what they keep telling me.  so i guess my due date (so far) is the baby’s true birthday.  crossing my fingers that i can go au naturale, meaning no drugs, a few big pushes and voila…the sound of a healthy crying baby.  YES, that is my fantasy but it was also almost how delivering my myles went (if you throw in the contractions).  no one told me that it was going to be soooo exhilarating.  by exhilarating, i do mean in a – i’ve waited 40 weeks for this, i’ve had enough of these contractions, i feel the urge to push like nobody’s business, we’re in the final moments of the game, i see the baby’s head, i can’t wait to hold him and i’m running on all adrenaline kind of exhilaration.  and yes, because it was my first delivery, i was pretty blessed and naïve thinking that that’s the way most deliveries usually happen.  surely it can happen again, right?

so, i’ll be keeping you posted and waiting to exhale! until next time, this is me at 21 weeks

nice and round...

c ya

summertime is up…reality is back in full swing August 31, 2009

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i’m baaaaaack!!!  yay for a really fun summer.  now if i can just get at least one more very warm day at the beach then and only then will i be okay to wait ’til summer comes back around…in 2010! 

speaking of summer fun and back to school…

 back to school

i am now the proud mommy of a full-time first grade student!  i made it through the first day of school with no tears and holding my breath.  my myles was pretty brave for his first full day, not as excited as i thought he’d be and by the end of the school day he simply informed me that he was not going to be returning to school the next day.  and for the three days that followed he informed me that going back to school was not an option.  so i’d say that he handled his first week well *wink*.  i would be more than thrilled to guide his education and have him hang out with me all day, however, it’s time for my little bird to spread his wings a bit. sniff sniff.  i must admit, i was so wrapped up in summertime stuff that first grade came upon me and shocked me back into reality.

i’ve had many people say to me “so what are you going to do with all of your free time without myles?” wait, huh, free time?  come again.  who is handing out free time and not telling me?  correct me if i wrong, but, most moms who are at home generally don’t have a ton of free time to speak of.  and if there is an at home mom that does have six plus hours of free time on her hands because her kids are in school…please, by all means, give me a holla!:)  let this girlie know your secret.

so, as i sit around *ahem* in all of my glorious free time, a pile of shtuff that calls for my immediate attention stares me in the face , a list of calls NEED to be made and a few errands need to be run.  or i can cheat and choose option B and reward myself with a bit of  a 30 minute cat nap.  all moms for the latter raise you hand…me! i hope all of you moms squeezed every bit of summer out of june, july and august that you could because summer lovn’ is over now.    one last thing about this summer – with budget constraints and the layoffs that we have experienced, i vote myself for the supermom who turned the summer of ’09 into a summer to be reckoned with!!!  talk about a mom who made and can make plenty-o-fun things happen on the cheap, yep, that’s me.  can you tell how proud i am?  teehee:)   oh cut it out, no need to applause:)  teehee

speaking of life in all it’s ummmm… glory

when i say that this has been one of the most fun, power packed, emotionally exhausting, eye opening, God challenged summers of all times…i’m hardly scratching the surface in my expression of how things were/are.  for three years and nine months i had been dreading a moment that i thought i could prevent from ever coming.  BAM! it came, it hit me like a ton of bricks.  the weight was so heavy i felt as if i could not breath and yet somehow i could and did breath.  lots of personal gains and lots of personal losses.  lots of moments that i will cherish forever.  and lots of moments that i choose to cast into a lake of fire forgive.  there were lots of “can you hear me God Almighty up there, out there, anywhere”.  there were even some smite me almighty smiter moments.  i actually dared Him, you know, the ALMIGHTY, ALL KNOWING, LORD OF ALL, KING OF KINGS, SOVEREIGN GOD to get busy because what was going on was not working…or so i thought.  as i know by now, what happens in our little feeble minds is no match for he who reigns and redeems. ya know!

lessons we should all learn:  not many chose to see the life of another person through the other person’s eyes.  most people chose to see the life of another person through whatever way they think things are or should be.  i once heard a quote or something that said – never believe everything you hear and only half of what you see.  SO TRUE!!! SO TRUE!!!  so the next time you or I look at someone’s supposedly happy and charmed existence, you must know that there is a story behind every closed door; behind every smile; behind every crabby mood; behind every zoned out mom or dad;and behind every family.  so be very careful what you judge, cast stones at, shake your head or wag your finger at.  another very important thing to remember…”God can take care of what others do to us far better than we can” –  says cicely tyson’s character from the movie “diary of a mad black woman”.  and for those that need the matching scripture…vengence is mine says the Lord.  plus, HE can do it with quite a bit more grace than any of us. 

most folks would love to live a life that is as perfect as perfect can get, however, how many people would eagerly and anxiously want to live a life that has been redeemed?   warning:  when God redeems your life you’re usually tried, tested and  brought  dragged through the fire.  sounds like fun, huh?  somehow at the end of your experience(s) it is well worth it.  or so i’m told:0)

so here i go, praying myself through my days, putting one foot in front of the other and choosing to know above anything else that providence IS on my side.

until next time, c ya

awwww, he wants to marry me… February 11, 2009

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he’s gotta be the most romantic five year old that i’ve ever met.  he loves to give me kisses and tells me that i’m pretty.  on christmas he wanted to buy me jewelry…i think because of a commercial that he saw.  for valentines day he told me that he wants to make me berry blast crepes…yummy! 

you’ve just gotta love a man  boy who knows what he wants and goes after it.  if he wants something from me, he seizes the moment, stares at me and says something like, “mommy, you’re beautiful” or “mommy, you’re the best woman in the whole world.”  then he’ll give this cheeky smile and lay his head on my shoulder.  five minutes later boom he hits me with the request that he spent time buttering me up for.  he’s learning early. what a little con sweetie. teehee

i felt so special one day when he told me that he wants to marry me…only if it doesn’t work out with all the other people.  huh?  i’ve gotta hand it to him for the confidence in thinking that women will be waiting in line to be asked out  by him.  he could probably pull it off with his charm.  teehee

anyhoo, he’s been planning valentines day for me for the last week or two.  he tells me of his plans just about every day, several times a day.  isn’t he the best?!!!!!! shhhhhh, i won’t let on that he is the one that wants crepes more than anything.  it’s the thought that counts…right?!

i love him, i love him, i love him…he lights up my world.  i promise from this day forward to fully embrace raising him and enjoying every stage of his life.  and oh yeah, i will be right there when he ends up marrying the best woman god could ever bless him with (even if they have to waith in line) teehee.  big sigh…thankfully, we’ve got a long way to go!

waaay-cute     watch out ladies…this cute little face can be irresistible. 

history in the making (from kindergarten to president) November 4, 2008

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historic day for you, for me, for the whole dang country.  i will document this day in my scrapbook for a couple of different reasons. i always vote but today i voted in this, need i say it again…historic election with my myles AND i had my very first parent/teacher conference for my five year old and i did it all in the same building! 

parent/teacher conference reports for kindergarten was fairly simple.  i remember when my parents went to parent/teacher conferences when i was little.  we would be in such suspense waiting for my parents to get home from our school.  regardless of what we thought the teachers would say, for added security and insurance for ourselves, we would make sure that all chores were done and the house was in tip top shape.  we would make sure that when they walked in the door they would find nothing out of order (including us).  that’s kind of funny now to think back on those memories.  it’s like we were trying to buy ourselves out of trouble with completed chores and good behavior even if we had good reports…you know, just in case a bad report was on the way.  funny stuff.  (teehee)

imagine ME at parent/teacher conference…i’m a grown up y’all!!! (as she laughs at claiming adulthood for the first time in life)

the ’08 election time has been a riot.  we have our potential first oldest guy, our potential first brown guy and our potential first woman vp and then there’s joe the biden.  the neighbors came over and we whooped it up.  whoo whoo whooo whooo whoo.  i think it was just an excuse to make noise and experience the big event in a fun way.  kids were making lots of noise, eating junk and watching and waiting as this country realized a new something for our generation and the generations to follow us.  you notice that i said our generation?  we’re still young and  still have lots to contribute to society…ya know.

anyway, we did vote and it was kind of cool getting a chance to do it with myles in the booth with us.  he got a chance to help andre’ with his ballot and before he could help me, he was off to the potty. 

anyhoo, all of it was a blast to witness.  emotional. engaging. so on and so forth.  now the country will be going through election time withdrawal. cnn, fox, msnbc, cspan, abc, nbc, cbs will all be taking a pause in my house to allow time for the withdrawal process.

note:  excuse the mixed past and present tenses in this post.  i started writing this before election night and wrote some more of it after election night.  i’m sure you followed it fine…right? also, some of the following photos indicate that i need a new camera.  if i make that my one and only christmas wish item…maybe i’ll get a really good one with all the bells and whistles (hint to the family)

shots from the night…

me and myles after voting



daddy and myles after voting (no, i don’t really call him daddy:)





he voted for thomas the tank engine (teehee)


checking the stats state by state


a lady never tells 🙂 all you need to know is that i voted right?


say it loud…i’m brown and i’m proud!!! (a la james brown) November 4, 2008

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if you open your eyes and drop your guard long enough, you can get a better perspective on things, ya know. 

my five year old never ceases to amaze me.  i know that i talk about him lots, but, you really have to be around him a while and you too would say that he is worth the conversation:)

so, lately, he seems to be really proud of the fact that he’s brown.  proud, as if he just discovered that he is brown and is truly fascinated by this.  when he looks at television and sees other brown people like him he would proudly shout out, “they’re brown like me!” it was quite funny at first and surprising to hear him say it (as if he had never seen another brown person before).  anyhoo, i was very proud of him for embracing the beauty in being brown.  and for that, i can take no credit.

we took a bit of a vacation to texas and we visited friends that are family to him and us.  we were at a market and myles looked around and asked me, “mommy, do all brown people live in texas?”  though i didn’t notice, he certainly did.  i guess, where we live, he wasn’t used to being in the market surrounded by many of his fellow brown people.  this is the kind of stuff that i take for granted and have simply lived with difference.  i really didn’t think much about when the topic would come up, with him.

anyhoo, as election day approaches and i tell him how exciting it is to vote and i let him know that when he is 18 years old, he too, can vote.  i tell him that he will get to vote for whomever he wants.  he then asks me, “who are you going to vote for?”  as i try to adhere to what my mom told me “your ballot is all your own and you don’t have to tell anyone”, i explain to him that i’m going to keep my ballot a secret.  he then proudly informs me (even though he’s only five) “i’m going to vote for barack obama!”  surprised and interested in picking his brain, i ask him, “why are you going to vote for him, myles?” he says, “i’m going to vote for him because he’s brown like me.”  he then continued to play with his trains.  my silent response:  there goes that brown pride thing again.  i guess people really do relate more to people that look like them…tiny tots and all.

i realized a couple different things, i felt a little weird and almost inept that i did not purposely speak to him about what it means to be a proud little brown person.  but i’m not sure if that is something that any of us were taught.  perhaps it’s learned from one’s environment.  i’m not sure. but for some reason he has it.  he has pride and confidence.  although, there was one day (earlier in the school year) that he came home wondering about not being brown.  it was kind of a sad conversation because in his homework folder, there was a picture that he drew of two people.  one of the people had a sad face.  i asked him why the one person was sad and he responded as he pointed to the sad face person, “he doesn’t like to be different”.  that indeed, was a hard moment for me.  so i guess, through that conversation, maybe i instilled in him something that stayed within him.

it really just goes to show that it is innate that most people just want to relate to something that is familiar to them, that looks or reflects them.  don’t ya think? 

whenever he gets excited about something, i make sure that i explore, celebrate and make a big deal for him.  as is with this election season.  he somehow understands the shift, within people, that is happening in our country and he is passionate about it. 

out of the mouths of babes, you will hear some surprising and honest stuff.  over these past few months we’ve had the news on, nonstop.  yes, you can be attributed that to me, the news junkie.  anyhoo, he’s asking lots of questions and seemingly understanding most of the answers.

i can’t wait to see what this kid does in and for this world we live in. 

he’s proud to be brown and i’m proud of him.  he recently heard the term – african american, and he did not know what it meant.  so he asked me, “mommy am i an african brown boy?” my response…oh, what a beautiful little african brown baby you are!”


cussing out loud in the city… November 1, 2008

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i really enjoy going to the city to hang out.  strangely enough, i like the crowds, the noise, the energy, the arts, all the very “interesting” things that you may not otherwise see out in the burbs. i guess you can say that i’m a bright lights big city kind of girl. 

my little myles and i took a trip to the city on the train which is one of his favorite things to do.  well, we got lunch, chilled out on the train, had fun with an eye spy book and exited the train once we got to our destination.  after walking through the crowds and taking in some fresh air (relatively speaking), we were enjoying our train date and were looking forward to the coffee date part of this little trip.  we walked down the streets with crowds of people around us and with the flow of foot traffic headed in a hurry to a myriad of places.  as we crossed the busy city street, a taxi cab so rushed to probably go nowhere or racing the other taxi drivers for the next fare, comes barrelling out into the street where we were crossing.  then it happens, the mother bear instinct comes rising out of me without pause or hesitation.  freaked out by nearly getting hit by a taxi cab, i pulled my son close to me and yell out “hey, you flipping idiot!”  instead of putting up his hand to indicate that he felt a little bit bad for driving like a bat out of hell and like he got his license in some dark back alley from some shady character illegally selling licences for five bucks, he decides to flip me the bird.  imagine, he flipped me the bird.   once we were safely on the curb, i kind of chuckled at myself for the little exchange i was just involved in. (in hindsight, the whole thing was kind of funny, but then again i have weird humor).

myles and i continued walking down the street and i wondered how was i going to  explain mommy’s little cussing moment. 

myles:  mommy, why did you call that man a flipping idiot

me:  well, mommy got angry because that man almost hit us with his car and he wasn’t being careful.  i shouldn’t have called him a name.  myles, saying flipping idiot is not a nice thing even when you’re mad, so we won’t use those words…okay

myles: oh, okay

whew…thankfully flipping idiot is all that came out of my mouth.  so anyway, the rest of the our train date continued without a hitch.  we couldn’t get a drink fast enough…me, a venti decaf coffee with pumpkin flavoring and him, a steamed vanilla milk…aaahhh.