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coming out of the closet… August 8, 2011

Posted by jonesgurl in he said what?, music.
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seriously coming out of the closet for this. what closet you say? i am a closet rap fan.  i like the bumping of the bass.  i like the hard-core poetry (yes, i said poetry, that’s how i choose to see it).  i like the passion and believability that pour out of these guys.  i like the creativity of their words.  i like their ability to flow.  i would say that i like the bling, however, it is only of value to me because it could probably yield quite a few pairs of shoes. anyhoo, before you go gasping and clutching your pearls, i did not say that i listen to all rap and i did not say that all rap is good.  but, i do like rap.

anyway, dre’ dog just informed me that all rappers DO NOT write their own lyrics.  WHAT?! i was quite disappointed.  i do so enjoy that genre of music.  i assumed that the sheer artistry and creativity and organic process was the truth.  then dre’ dog just busted my little bubble.  i was watching 60 minutes and there was an interview that anderson cooper did with eminem http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2011/08/07/60minutes/main20086920.shtml?tag=contentMain;cbsCarousel . (yes anderson cooper has flown the coop from cable  to make appearances on your basic non cable channel – yay! because cable rates don’t apply at my house).

by the way, i do like some of eminem’s music and his story is a bit interesting. so, he was talking with em (personal name basis. you like that? teehee), so he said to em, “and you write all of your own music.”  i was surprised by this question because he is this creative artist who raps from the heart and out of his experience and all about his life and whatnot, i said out loud, “of course, he writes his own music, right, dre’ dog?’ and dre’ dog said, no, not all rappers write their own stuff.  what? who is not writing their own rap? i know that a whole lot of the call me gullible for believing the stories and experiences of some of the rap songs i’ve heard.   in all honesty, the guys that aren’t writing their own stuff are probably not the ones i listen to anyway.

if you’re going to rap about your bazillions of benjamins while making it rain at the club with all your entourage popping bottles in your honor…you better be telling the truth.  how am i suppose to believe YOU! seriously though, the rap i listen to is not exactly that, but i better not find out that i’m listening to some bogus fake rappers.  i will bust a…well, you know the rest.

i’m going to go and put my rose colored glasses on and listen to some music. what’s that? dre’ dog just  tried to tell me that i’ve been listening to the radio version?  and here i was thinking, “they don’t even cuss and stuff.”  (slips on rose colored glasses and ignores anything else dre’ dog tries to disappoint me with).  next he’ll be telling me i’ve been singing the wrong lyrics.

i’m heading back into my closet to practice my skills, listen to my music and i better not be drawn out of my closet for some foolish lies.


*in case you didn’t recognize the new monkier, dre’ dog is my other half.