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just a few weeks to go… April 21, 2010

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okay, so i have just a few weeks to go.  in fact, may 17th at 7:30 am, baby will be on the way.  ready or not may 17th he or she will be in my arms.  yay!!!  though it will be via c-section, so what, who cares…i’m still excited.

a few weeks to go:  i am more than excited as i write this.  but, as i’m looking at my lists, there is a brief moment of panic.  i’m surprised that my heart rate checks are quite normal at my doc’s appt.  GOT. LOTS. TO. DO.  if i don’t clear out all of my spring cleaning junk by thursday, it’s all going to the curb in time for the garbage man. no joke.

a few weeks to go: i’ve got butterflies just thinking about trotting about with two kids in tow.  butterflies, just thinking about smelling the fresh scent of a new baby.  butterflies, just to hold a tiny warm body and snuggle him/her.  butterflies, just to forget about the rest of the world and all the duties that await me as i completely focus on the baby.  oh wait, i’m not sure if i can forget about all else, but it is a nice thought anyway.  butterflies, just thinking about waking up in the middle of the night to soothe the baby and then sitting there holding the baby in the still of the night…just me and the baby. *dreamy sigh*

a few weeks to go:  in the midst of all this baby excitement, life’s challenges are coming fast and furiously.  the happy, the fun, the sad and the disappointing, all at the same time.  oh well, i say.  such is life.  all i can do is breathe, meditate, pray, work on my to do lists and relax.  i can’t stress too much about all the ills of life that’s going on, so i say to it all…oh, well. sounds like a good plan, right?

a few weeks to go and i’ve still not taken studio pics of me and my swollen belly.  i don’t think i’ll get around to that, so these homemade backyard pics will just have to do.  i like them.  it’s me, my boy and my baby belly bump.


my baby is super cute… February 5, 2010

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this is not a 3-d image, but i can totally see some very familiar features.  maybe it’s just me but i bet he or she will look like myles!  this. is. an. amazing. picture!!! (if you can’t tell already, i’m easily amused and impressed)

my sweet baby at 24 weeks...

okay, so, i went for another ultrasound and all is well!!! yay!!!

baby is growing nicely and all organs and features and stuff all look really good!

i’m up 12 pounds and am six months along.  wait, rewind, did i just say 12 pounds!!!  anyhoo, i’ve been told by the docs that i’m on track and things look good.  these are the only 12 pounds that i have ever enjoyed and flaunted. 

the movement checks that i have to do can sometimes be a bit nerve wracking!!! mostly because i am thinking about it around the clock…literally.  that’s not how the doc told me to do movement checks, but that’s just where i am with all of this.

i’m having fun being pregnant and myles is making sure that he takes great care of me.  sweet sigh.  what a precious boy he is. 

as the due date time draws closer, i’m trying to soak it all in.  i would love to have five, yes, five children.  but, the time is also drawing near on these here eggs of mine.  so, i may not make it to five children that i, myself, give birth to, but i will enjoy the dickens out of the ones God blesses me with.   can’t wait to smell sweet baby skin!!!

anyhoo, gotta go…my avocados and tomatoes are calling my name.  by the way, now that i cannot have caffeine, i am sooooo craving a really large coke with ice.  yummmmmm.

hurdle accomplished!!! January 10, 2010

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so, we are at the halfway mark!!! woohoo and whew!!! i am counting every milestone and waiting to exhale:)  we had an appointment with the genetic counselor and a very long ultrasound and stuff.  all blood work is in (for now) and things look great.  my healthy family history is on my side, so that helps.  my great health is on my side as well.  the ultrasound was fantastic.  all i wanted to see was the heartbeat and i was good to go.  i nearly fell asleep during the extra long ultrasound and after i saw the beautiful beating heart!!!

as we approached this date to see the high risk doctor, i was a bit on edge.  as we sat down to speak with the genetics counselor, tears came down and i was quite anxious.  so far, during this pregnancy, i have been calm and holding my breath.  i’m excited and anxious for the due date to get here, but, i needed to let out some of the anxiety that i have been feeling, internally.  fortunately, she (genetics counselor) knew our situation and she was very understanding (thank God!).  for the first time in quite some time, i did not feel guilty for having those anxious feelings and the care of all the staff helped the visit to be a bit comforting.  side note:  i have been blessed with the best ob/gyn docs and this new added staff of docs and such are all more than a girl could ask for. 

so anyhoo, i sat in the chair, she asked her first few questions, i panicked, looked at andre’ and bam, out of no where the tears fell and i could not breath.  needless to say, that was a long time coming.  although, i say that my anxious moment had a bit to do with the fact that i’ve been on bed rest for 4 days feeling like i was contracting and dealing with round ligament stuff.  but, it’s all good!!!  yay!!!

the baby is muy bonita – beautiful!!! she or he was moving lots for the camera and showing off some of his or her tricks for the docs.  i am starting to actually feel more movement these days.  i am glowing or greasy, take your pick (thanks to the baby) and  i am healthy (thanks to multi-vitamins and cheerios.  i’ve now got a little more junk in my badunkadunk and cleavage that is the envy of all cup sizes under a D 🙂 bahaahaha.  and i owe my increasingly rounding figure to this wonderful baby below…

my very limber beautiful baby 🙂

so, i will be at the doc’s office often enough until may 23rd.  i just realized something, i don’t have to await an estmated due date because they told me that i HAVE to have a c-section.  “really?”  i keep asking them and “yes”, is what they keep telling me.  so i guess my due date (so far) is the baby’s true birthday.  crossing my fingers that i can go au naturale, meaning no drugs, a few big pushes and voila…the sound of a healthy crying baby.  YES, that is my fantasy but it was also almost how delivering my myles went (if you throw in the contractions).  no one told me that it was going to be soooo exhilarating.  by exhilarating, i do mean in a – i’ve waited 40 weeks for this, i’ve had enough of these contractions, i feel the urge to push like nobody’s business, we’re in the final moments of the game, i see the baby’s head, i can’t wait to hold him and i’m running on all adrenaline kind of exhilaration.  and yes, because it was my first delivery, i was pretty blessed and naïve thinking that that’s the way most deliveries usually happen.  surely it can happen again, right?

so, i’ll be keeping you posted and waiting to exhale! until next time, this is me at 21 weeks

nice and round...

c ya

almost halfway… January 5, 2010

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myles talking to the baby

growing much faster than i expected i would but chekc out that expanding belly! 

19 weeks of developing baby in the womb. 

i’ve gained about 7 pounds!  this will be the only time i will ever be happy about announcing weight gain to anyone. 

myles is so excited about the baby that everytime i’m in conversation with anyone, i do mean anyone (stranger, friend or family) he chimes in and announces, “my mom’s pregnant!”  the expression on their face when he says that is hilarious and priceless.  usually they are not sure what to say so they then look down at my belly (for confirmation…i guess).  what’s really funny is that i assume that it is very obvious unless i just simply look extremely bloated.  apparently it’s not as obvious as i think!

anyhoo, he (myles) is so excited and he keeps calling the baby by name which i’m not quite sure how that will play out.  we’re not positive what the gender is and i don’t know what to tell him if we don’t have a boy.  i say boy because he keeps calling the baby jack.  it’s quite cute and funny, that is until we have to break the news to him that that may not be the name or if we have to tell him “it’s a girl”.  small deliema, but in the meantime, he’s having fun. 

over the summer, i gave away some really cute clothes, shoes and baby items.  just as luck would have it…i found out i was pregnant after i was done cleaning out closets of clothes and even some cute baby toys.  uggh.  now i get to go i have to go shopping.  awww, shucky darn.  teehee!!!

i’m not so sure that nesting starts this early into pregnanacy but i’ve been trying to work my way through every closest, every storage area, every creak and crevice of the house in terms of getting rid of what’s not needed or wanted.  21 more weeks of this and i am likely to have the most orgnized house in all of america, the midwest the neighborhood.. 

one last thing, am i still suppose to have an after taste in my mouth everytime i eat?  yuck. the menu of items that i can eat has dwindled down to a very short list.  would it be bad if i only eat vainlla ice cream for the rest of my pregnancy?  sigh. smile.

by the way,  i didn’t have time to edit, so pardon the errors.