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spontaneous moments before the calculated countdown… May 9, 2010

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okay, so myles had a photo session with a great photographer the other day.  it was such an easy breezy session.  myles was chilled out and in a comfort zone and she was so cool.

unbeknownst to julie, the surprise for me was that the photos ended up being taken by “the purple flowers”.  i have been pulling the car over everywhere to take pics by “the purple flowers”.  you see, this time every year, there are these purple flowers that bloom on the side of roads and freeways everywhere and they catch my attention.  if i can, i pull over to get a picture of them or with them.  this year was no different except for the fact that there was no good place to pull over.  there were going to be no pictures taken with “the purple flowers” this year…or so i thought.

julie the photographer that took pictures of myles had a plan A for pictures with myles but that quickly changed and plan B came into play.  what joy for me when plan B was right in the heart of a bunch of “the purple flowers”.  yay julie and yay for me.

even though i had no plans of being included in any snap shots that day, i could not resist.  i was sleepy.  i was tired.  i was ready to go home and take a quick rest before the fast approaching delivery date of the new baby.  “the purple flowers” help take the sting out of my to do lists.

i absolutely love candid pictures and those taken in nature settings.  so, as soon as we said good-bye to julie we ran a quick errand and returned right back to the spot that was calling my name.  i pulled out my trusty phone (yes, i said phone not camera:)) and FINALLY…i got my pictures by “the purple flowers”.    very precious and brief spontaneous moments with much thanks to my personal photographer…andre’. 

obviously, a photographer…i am not! but just for my records, these amateur shots will do for me.  these are some of my final spontaneous moments before the very nearing countdown to baby’s arrival.  and yes, i am calculating every minute i have left.  i need more time!!!

by the way, i have no idea the official name of “the purple flowers”

awww sweet?...he was trying to get a yes answer for some candy!

the negotiation...

negotiation settled. i got flowers. he got candy. see the smirk on his face.

chatting with my favorite boy...as always

myles talking to my belly and warning the baby about "the purple flowers"

the color purple - back to my roots hair and all 🙂 teehee

a picture of me six years ago chasing purple flowers while pregnant with my myles

until next time

c, ya…by the way folks, the countdown is really on.  this is the final week!