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baby countdown… April 26, 2010

Posted by jonesgurl in baby news, my joy!.

by the way, i have three weeks to go before baby comes!!!  my first appointment for this week went well and all looks good thus far.  my iron levels are starting to increase…yay!!!  praying for it to be as high as possible. i do not want a blood transufsion so i am inhaling all iron rich foods except for red meat and i’m taking vitamin c to help with the absorption. 

i double checked the birth day plans with the doc and how quickly i can get the heck out of the hospital and get rollin’ rollin’ rollin’. 

i’m so excited.  BUT, the end of it all is going too fast.  i love my round belly bump.  yes, the bump  that’s causing me not to be able to bend forward.  i guess all this fun shall pass in THREE WEEKS.  aaaaahhhhhh!

baby’s coming…baby’s coming!

you wanna know how prepared i am?  i just bought my diaper/baby bag and it’s stuffed with the paper that came with it :).  woohoo.  i think that’s all i need. teehee



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